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Ann Coulter Thinks Bill Clinton Is More Embarrassing Than Jimmy Carter

Posted on January 18 2010 10:35 am
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Really? Nobody is more embarrassing than Jimmy Carter.

On Sunday’s Geraldo at Large host Kimberly Guilfoyle tried to discuss Rush Limbaugh’s statements about Haiti with guests Ann Coulter and Kirsten Powers, but Coulter wanted to rant about Bill Clinton so badly that she chose to drag Jimmy Carter into it.

Ann Coulter completely disregarded Kimberly Guilfoyle’s question and began railing at “horny hick” Bill Clinton (at 3 minutes, 17 seconds), saying, “as long as there aren’t any Jews in Haiti I think he’ll do just fine.”

(Note: video probably not safe for work.)

Jimmy Carter is not only a hick (not that there is anything wrong with that; half my family is from Kentucky), but an al-Qaeda-inspiring one at that. So Clinton is an adulterer. I can live with his betrayal of his family. I have a much harder time excusing Peanut Carter’s betrayal of an entire people.

Let me put this mathematically: even if hurting people’s feelings were somehow the moral and ethical equivalent of augmenting the machinery of genocide (yeah, so I’m being pretty generous), we’re talking about two people (Hillary and Chelsea) versus 7,233,701 people, the population of Israel.

Let me put this monetarily: Bill Clinton raked in $30,975,598 in speaking fees between 2001 and 2005. I’m pretty sure that someone is paying Jimmy Carter just to be quiet and keep building houses for low-income families. Maybe it’s a personal decision. In any event, Bill Clinton is an excellent fundraiser, and raising funds for Haiti is the entire purpose of the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. Carter is useless in that regard (too).

In any event, George W. Bush is a mensch for doing anything on behalf of an administration which has chosen to serially blame him for its own failures and insult him at nearly every opportunity. Clinton could barely be bothered to show up, so perhaps Coulter has got a point in that regard.

Jimmy Carter is an indefensible human being who literally serves as the scale by which presidential failure is measured. Bill Clinton really doesn’t seem so bad in contrast with Obama. I’ll take Clinton’s largest peacetime expansion of the economy in U.S. history over the Obama’s mess we’re in right now any day, let alone long lines at gas pumps à la Carter.

Jimmy Carter is so embarrassing that Coulter’s remarks have driven me to defend Bill Clinton.  That’s saying something.

In a final attempt to quantify the extent to which Bill Clinton is less embarrassing than Jimmy Carter, here’s a poll for the readers to decide whether Coulter was (or was not) wrong:

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