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Is Someone Killing Obamacare? Schultz: “You Bastards!”

Posted on January 17 2010 8:49 pm
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Ed Schultz calls some of his political opponents “bastards.” And they didn’t even kill Kenny.

This whole democracy thing just isn’t working out right now, folks. Or so talk radio host Ed Schultz seems to think. Listen to the audio:

So if a candidate you disagree with fails to pass your anti-bastard litmus test, tinker with the election a bit. I mean, it worked for Ahmadinejad and Khamenei, right?

Statements like these can sometimes just be a joke taken out of context, but if you listen to the audio, that’s definitely not the case. Political debate in this country can be heated, childish, offensive, and all-around stupid, but at the end of the day, almost no one tries to cheat or even advocates cheating. No one significant wants to scrap the system like a spoiled child just because the country doesn’t get what they think it needs.

To hear a popular radio show host say something like this, without laughing or having a sarcastic tone in his voice, says something about the state of political fanaticism in many of today’s emotion-fueled pundits. Schultz will probably recant this statement, saying he spoke without thinking (which he clearly did), but the fact that the thought that election manipulation is a justifiable option was even being entertained for a moment is shocking and telling.

This idiotic statement overshadows that he described his political opponents in Massachusetts as “bastards,” an insult worthy of condemnation in and of itself. We’ve got to raise the standard for when these types of attacks are acceptable. If someone is called a bastard, we need to demand that they make a case for why they are a bad person, rather than just a pursuer of bad policy in the critic’s opinion.

And to think that this is the guy that the Democratic Party in North Dakota asked to run for Senate. Sheesh.

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