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Wearing the Uniform, Despising America: When the Military Protects Its (Radical) Own

Posted on January 16 2010 11:35 pm
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On September 11, 2001 David Horowitz dismissed the myth of American culpability for the Terror Attacks and discerned the essence of the actual motive:

“This country is at war… America is in denial that much of the world hates us, and will continue to hate us because we are prosperous, and democratic and free.”

The next morning a United States Naval officer sat at his computer and wrote a very different message:

“Readers will notice that we didn’t begin today’s special issue on yesterday’s remarkable events with ‘America is attacked.’ America wasn’t attacked. America isn’t the World Trade Center, nor is it the Pentagon. At least those things don’t represent our America, nor should they for our readers…in a sane world, the elimination of most of the center of the world’s usurious financial system would and should bring a breath of fresh air, a sigh of relief, and a hope for a better day.”

Lieutenant Commander John Sharpe, a 1993 Naval Academy graduate, continued to post his analysis of 9/11 on his Legion of St. Louis blog:

“Commentary on the geopolitical situation of 2001 can be neither complete nor sufficient if it fails to take into account the Jewish Nation…If it is true that it was an attack on civilization, it was an attack on Jewish civilization, and an attack on the twin pillars of money and physical force…two things which the Jews have used against the Christian world for centuries. That is a civilization NOT worth defending. The American and Israeli press (both predominantly Jewish) has, of course, called for an all-out war against those who challenge “Western values” and attack Western-style “freedom and democracy…the assurances from Z.O.G. officials that the U.S. and its allies are not at war with the Islamic world are hardly convincing, in that the Islamic world represents a fairly coherent opposition to the JWO (sorry…rather, the NWO) and therefore falls under the umbrella of those targeted as “fanatical enemies of civilization”

Outraged by these statements, concerned citizens asked the Navy to address the Commander’s writings and determine if he posed a threat, given the eerie similarity between his spewings, and those of the radicals who had just murdered three thousand Americans.

Sharpe continued to report for duty, and continued to write. He published books opposing the War in Iraq, including Neo-Conned Again: Hypocrisy, Lawlessness, and the Rape of Iraq. His website, Neo-Conned, hosted Ibrahim Ebeid, English editor of Al, a site supporting the insurgency and the return of Saddam Hussein.

Ebeid finished the interview:

“We hope that the Anti-War Movements and Human Rights Organizations would lend their full support to the liberation movement of Iraq, and show their unqualified support for the legitimate leadership of Iraq and the Baath Party.”

In 2007, a local newspaper called public attention to Sharpe’s extremism and the Navy finally removed him from his post as Spokesman for the Atlantic Fleet. After the Virginia Pilot published an article referring to Sharpe as “anti-Semitic,” the Lieutenant sued the authors. In 2009, a judge declared Sharpe’s writings to be anti-Semitic, as a rule of law.

John Sharpe, still in the Navy, continues to wear the uniform in which we bury our fallen heroes of Iraq, though the officer spent ten years spreading a vision of America shared by the Marxist Left and by Radical Muslims with whom we are at war.

On Friday, January 15, 2010, the Department of Defense published a report requested by Secretary Gates following the Ft. Hood Terrorist Attack by Army Major Nidal Hasan. Focusing on “the Department’s ability to counter dangerous outside influences on the military,” the report addresses officers who promoted Nidal Hasan.

“It is clear that as a department, we have not done enough to adapt to the evolving domestic internal security threat to American troops and military facilities that has emerged over the past decade. One of the core functions of leadership is assessing the performance and fitness of people honestly and openly. Failure to do so, or kicking the problem to the next unit or the next installation, may lead to damaging, if not devastating, consequences.”

Before Jihad is fourteen slaughtered Americans on an Army base, it is an idea, an intellectual conviction, the meditation of a believer. For ten years, a naval officer left his “day job” defending Americans, and went home to interview Ba’athists, publish the writings of former PLO operatives and drum up support for the “victims of our Rape of Iraq.”

Hopefully, one of the commanding officers familiar with the Sharpe File will dig it out of oblivion and study it in the light of the Gates Review.

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