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The New Truthers: MSNBC Embraces Crackpot Underwear Bomber Conspiracy.

Posted on January 16 2010 8:00 am
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The Urban Dictionary defines a ‘truther’ as, “A crazy person who believes the US government committed 9/11.” It then offers this imaginary conversation to illustrate the point:

Truther:   9/11 was an inside job!
Sane person:   Prove it.
Truther:   There was no plane at the Pentagon, only a missile!
Sane person:   There’s dozens of witnesses and plane debris was found all over the place.
Truther:   …Well the WTC was a controlled demolition!
Sane person:   Why did both buildings collapse from the point of impact then? Pretty crazy the explosives were in the exact spot the plane hit and didn’t explode upon impact.
Truther:   …You’re just a government shill! Enjoy your FEMA camp when the NWO rolls around!

Now, with the help of MSNBC, as shown in the video below, the Left dares to imply that the so-called underwear bomber was allowed by the United States Intelligence Community to board a plane with explosives and potentially take the lives of 278 airline passengers simply to sully the reputation of President Obama. ‘Truthers’, meet the ‘new truthers ‘– people who actually entertain the notion that the CIA and the FBI would allow American citizens to be senselessly slaughtered just to make a President look bad.

So who are these ‘new truthers’? The same ilk as the old truthers, except now the conspiracy is a mirror image of 9/11 and they have the help of a major cable news channel to promulgate their theory. They are the same small percentage of Americans who lie so far to the Left of the political spectrum that they’re rubbing shoulders with Michael Moore and Charlie Sheen. In short, they are the ever dwindling audience of MSNBC.

That a few people might hold some extreme and unreasoned beliefs is not news, but then again neither is most of what’s broadcast on MSNBC anymore.

What is news is that a major cable network would allow their top two political commentators and one of their contributors to engage in an on air exercise of ‘new truther’ conspiracy talk. Do Olbermann, Maddow, and Wolff actually expect us to believe that we have a vast network of intelligence operatives who are so bent on making Obama look bad that they would allow a plane full of Americans to be blown out of the sky?

Perhaps it’s time for a definition of ‘new truther’. Might we suggest the following?

New truther: “A crazy, far-left person who believes the entire United States Intelligence Community would intentionally allow Americans to be killed just so they can make President Obama look bad. See also: MSNBC viewer.” And finally, we offer an imaginary conversation with a ‘new truther’:

New truther:  The underwear bomber was let on the plane on purpose to discredit President Obama.

Sane Person: Prove it.

New truthers:  Clearly someone high up in the intelligence Community wanted to make Obama look bad so they let this happen. They already knew about this guy.

Sane Person:  So it couldn’t be a matter of a failure to connect the dots? And besides, aren’t the people in charge now appointees of President Obama? Where did you even hear that crazy idea?

New truther:  MSNBC, and they’re actually objective, unlike FOX.

Sane Person:  Did they offer any evidence?

New truther:  You’re just a racist tea bagger

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