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The Audacity! A Nakedly Anti-Semitic Comment at NewsReal!

At FrontPage this past week we ran an important report about how the Huffington Post has allowed a wave of anti-Semitic comments onto their site.

And then I discover this this afternoon on John Work’s recent post about the tidal wave of illegal immigrants:

Alfred Bodine ยท 11 hours ago

You are a joke! Fear mongers like you are the ones destroying this country. You want America to make a comeback. Allow the hungry for work immigrants in and get rid of the lazy Jews. They are the ones who keep sucking the blood from our citizens. You want to write about historical patterns? Write about the reason why Jews have always been kicked out from different countries throughout history.
This is, of course, a clear violation of our commenting guidelines and under most circumstances would be trashed as soon as discovered. But I highlight it here as a reminder of what we’re fighting against at the Freedom Center.
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