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Sunni Volcano About To Erupt Again In Iraq

Posted on January 16 2010 12:10 pm
John L. Work is a veteran of twenty years of Colorado law enforcement service and a graduate of Cal State Long Beach, B.A. and M.A. He has been a contributor and featured columnist for NewsRealBlog since January of 2010, and a guest columnist for FrontPageMagazine.
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Despite the best and bravest efforts of our magnificent United States Military in the Iraq Front, the Sunni-Shiite Muslim volcano is still active and heading for eruption yet again.  The cover-story for the re-opening of Islam’s eternal steaming fissure is a governmental purge of as many as five-hundred candidates with alleged ties to Saddam Hussein’s Ba’athist Party from participation in the upcoming March 7 elections.  But this magma-filled crater is a lot deeper than that story reveals.

The Iraq surge operation that was supposed to give the Iraqis time to stanch the Sunni vs. Shiite lava-flow was engineered by U.S. Army General David Petraeus. Our troops performed brilliantly and temporarily suppressed the bloody post-Saddam Sunni-led revolt.  But there will neither be enough American troops and nor sufficient time for the Iraqi government to plug the ever-steaming Sunni-Shiite schism.   It is time to bring American troops home and go back to the battle-plan drawing board.  The fight for our survival is not over.  It has just begun.  We must not give up, ever.  But let the Iraqis run their own show now.  We’ve done all we should do for them, and more.  Building nations in Muslim states is a losing proposition.  Getting rid of the Sharia that has flowed by Stealth onto our own shores is much more important.

From Hannah Allam and Sahar Issa in yesterday’s Philadelphia Inquirer comes the scoop:

“BAGHDAD – Iraqi electoral officials met late into the night yesterday to decide how many of the hundreds of potential candidates tied by a government panel last week to the outlawed Baath Party of Saddam Hussein should be barred from running in the March 7 elections.

Many on the list are Iraq’s minority Sunni Muslims, once favored by Hussein, and the decision last week by the Justice and Accountability Commission, which handles Iraq’s de-Baathification efforts, outraged Sunnis.

They called the proposed ban an effort to disenfranchise Sunnis and warned that could lead to a return to support for insurgents…

…The last general elections, in 2005, dealt a blow to ordinary Sunnis, whose main political blocs boycotted rather than participate in elections that were conducted while the country was under a U.S.-led occupation…

There has been an uptick in violence in some Sunni areas in recent months. ..”

What a surprise.

A little studying of Islamic history, which our political leaders and upper level military honchos are obstinately unwilling to do, would reveal an endless war between Sunnis and Shiites that has killed innumerable Muslims. And that volcano began its eruption following the death of Muhammad in 632 A.D.  The issue was, and is, over who should have succeeded to assume the lawful leadership of the World of Islam.  Twelve or thirteen Centuries is a long time, folks.  And they’re still going at it.

To believe that an Invading Infidel Army, however brave its soldiers, is capable of quenching the roiling lava within this ancient conflict is pure delusion.   Our troops cannot re-seal the simmering Islamic sectarian volcano that exploded many hundreds of years ago.  Saddam Hussein is gone.  The Iraqis have a government.  We gave them a chance at freedom and they voted to install Sharia in their new Constitution.  They’ve had nearly seven years to get it together.  Let’s get out, now, before the next  Sunni uprising begins.  Bring the troops home and re-vamp our entire strategy for killing the jihad, because the fight for our survival has barely begun.

And while you’re at it, click here to see Diana West’s take on how the equally delusional Obama-McChrystal Afghanistan Surge Version 2.0 is going.

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