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From the Speeches of David Horowitz: January 16, 2010

Posted on January 16 2010 6:45 am
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I will share with you now my actual views about Muslims as opposed to the slanderous canard that I hate them.  I’m going to spell these views now, but it won’t make any difference to those who are attacking me.  Because I’ve taken pains to explain these views every time I’ve spoken on a campus, including my appearances during  Islamofascism Awareness Week (There are plenty of video records of these appearances on the Internet). Islamofascism Awareness Week, by the way, is not a protest against Muslims.  In fact, my first Islamofascism Awareness Week, which was held two years ago, was specifically organized to protest the oppression of Muslim women in Islamic countries.  In case you weren’t aware of it, there are 140,000 adolescent girls whose genitals are sliced off every year without anesthetic in Muslim countries.  That was one of the obscenities we were protesting.

At Columbia University, where one of our events was held, we projected onto a giant screen the photo of a Taliban soldier holding an AK-47 to the head of a Muslim woman in a burqa. On YouTube there is a video of this incident where you can see the soldier actually blow her head off.  Why would he do that?  Because she had been accused of fornicating, of having illicit, un-Koran-approved sexual relations.  Being a woman, she was not allowed to testify in her own defense.  To prove her innocence she would have been required to produce four males to testify that she had been raped.  Otherwise, they would blow her head off.  Does anybody here find that offensive?  But if you were to say that out loud from a university platform, as I did, the left would be all over you claiming that you hate Muslims and are a racist and an Islamophobe.  No I don’t, and no I am not.  I am defending that Muslim woman against the Taliban soldier.  Students for Justice in Palestine, the Muslim Students Association, by contrast, are busy raising money for the persecutors of Muslim women like the Taliban soldier.

Here are my views concerning Muslims:  There are good Muslims and bad Muslims, just as there are good Christians and bad ones, good Jews and bad Jews.  Most Muslims are like everybody else — they want peace; and are law-abiding.  And probably their religion is very personal to them, and doesn’t involve efforts to convert and subordinate or kill others.

There is a difference between religious institutions and the religion of their individual members.  Many Catholics do not follow church doctrine on birth control and abortion for example. The Ku Klux Klan is a Protestant Christian organization, but most Protestants and their churches would condemn the Ku Klux Klan. One of my concerns regarding organized Islam is that I don’t see a comparable readiness to condemn Jew-hatred or the genocidal incitements regularly made by individuals and governments speaking in the name of Islam against the existence of the Jewish state. There are hateful sayings in the Gospels against Jews, for example that they are cursed. But the Christian churches have distanced themselves from those passages

—  The Anti-Semitic Jihad on Campus: My Night at USC

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