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Chuck Colson Excoriates the U.S. Media For Ignoring Islamic Crimes Against Christians

Posted on January 16 2010 12:26 am
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"It is against Islam to belong to another religion!"

When Charles “Chuck” Wendell Colson was serving as Special Counsel to President Nixon during the Watergate years, he will tell you that he was invaluable precisely

“…because I was willing…to be ruthless in getting things done.”

Colson serves a new master these days, and has since his conversion to Christianity in 1974. Although his much ballyhooed enemies list is a thing of the past, he maintains an adversarial stance towards a U.S. Media which tends to ignore the subject of religion, unless it is some grievance or other emanating from the inexhaustible supply of Muslim agitators and “rights” experts.In his January 12th Breakpoint Radio Broadcast, Colson very cogently asks why stateside mouthpieces find it necessary to “…breathlessly report the Swiss banning of minarets” while remaining “mum on the murder of Egyptian Christians.”

Of course this unwillingness to hold Muslims accountable for anything (other than maybe being misunderstood) is nothing new, but Colson is a stubborn cuss, and he is doing his level best to horse-collar our “Press” into at least being accurate about the atrocities commited every day in the name of Allah.

The most recent Egyptian assault took place in in the ancient city of Nag Hammadi – a gunman opened fire on a crowd of worshipers leaving Midnight Mass. Seven Coptic Christians were killed, and at least six more were wounded. The shooting was said to be in retaliation for an alleged (emphasis Colson’s) sexual assault by a Christian man against a Muslim girl in November, which was followed by five days of looting and burning of Copt homes and businesses.

Attacking Christians on their religious holidays is nothing new in the land of Mubarek. As Colson points out,

“Those who are familiar with the plight of Egyptian churches know that violence and repression are part and parcel of their lives. In 2006, five Copts were stabbed, one fatally, while leaving Good Friday services in Alexandria. This was part of a larger assault against Christians at four different churches that left several Coptic Christians dead, and at least 17 wounded.”

No big deal, at least as far as American “journalists” are concerned. The most recent slaughter garnered only a short news clip,

and according to Colson, the Associated Press simply called the incident

“A product of sectarian strains.”

Why should this surprise anyone? As Nixon’s former “henchman” reminds us:

“In his 57-minute address at Cairo University, President Obama never uttered the word ‘Copt’, and only mentioned religious freedom, specifically the lack of it, in passing….Copts are second-class citizens in the land they have occupied since time immemorial.”

The slaughter of innocents. Minarets. The banning of Non-Muslims from speaking or writing the word Allah in Malaysia. If I were a local Muslim precinct captain, and I had to give a “State of the Jihad” report to my neighborhood Mullah, I would be able to tell him,  in all seriousness, that

“The Dhimmitude is proceeding nicely, Herr Holy Man.”

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