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Martha Coakley? More Like Choke-ly. Brown Pulls AHEAD!

Posted on January 15 2010 5:30 pm
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Lori Ziganto at

I was going to say Croak-ley, as that is what her senate campaign is doing, but I assumed that liberals would start screeching about how Republicans “want people to die” and stuff. Sheesh, for such an allegedly cosmopolitan, open-minded bunch, they sure do get their lattes in a foamy tizzy an awful lot.

The latest polling data, just released by the Boston Herald, has Scott Brown up by four points.

Riding a wave of opposition to Democratic health-care reform, GOP upstart Scott Brown is leading in the U.S. Senate race, raising the odds of a historic upset that would reverberate all the way to the White House, a new poll shows.

Although Brown’s 4-point lead over Democrat Martha Coakley is within the Suffolk University/7News survey’s margin of error, the underdog’s position at the top of the results stunned even pollster David Paleologos.

“It’s a Brown-out,” said Paleologos, director of Suffolk’s Political Research Center. “It’s a massive change in the political landscape.”

He’s doing incredibly well with women (told you. Knew my ladies wouldn’t let me down), garnering 45 percent to Coakley’s 50 percent. Where he is really besting her, however, is with independents, where he is getting 65 percent of that vote. Perhaps Massachusetts has finally decided that they don’t want corrupt, elitist, arrogant Senators any longer? Coakley sure didn’t do herself any favors there; let’s take a look at the revelations over just the past couple of days, shall we?

First, one of her campaign aides assaulted a Weekly Standard reporter. Coakley, the Attorney General of the State — the head law enforcement person — not only did nothing, but claimed to know nothing about it. Huh. Let’s go to the video tape! (well, picture. But still.)

Read the rest of the article here

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