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HuffPost: Haiti’s Suffering Was First “Made in America”

Posted on January 15 2010 5:12 pm
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Aristide and Clinton

It only took a few days for the Left to come crawling out from under the rubble and blame the U.S. for Haiti’s suffering. Stopping just short of blaming U.S. policies for the actual earthquake, Bill Quigley, in The Huffington Post portrays America as the evil master that holds the life of the poorest countries in the palm of its hand and squeezes.

“Part of the suffering of Haiti is indeed “Made in the USA.” While the earthquake would harm any country, actions by the United States have absolutely magnified the harm from the earthquake in Haiti.”

“How? In the last decade alone, the U.S. slashed humanitarian assistance to Haiti, blocked international loans, forced the government of Haiti to downsize, ruined tens of thousands of small farmers, and replaced the government with private non-governmental organizations.”

Quigley continues his list of U.S. atrocities:

“In 2004, the U.S. assisted in a coup against the democratically elected President of Haiti, Jean Bertrand Aristide. This continues a long tradition of the U.S. deciding who will rule the poorest country in the hemisphere. No government lasts in Haiti without U.S. approval.”

Haiti’s government has a long tradition of ruling with violence, terror and mobs. Once the “democratically elected” President of Haiti, Jean Bertrand Aristide whose Campaign slogan was “Revolution, not elections!” was in power, he created a secret police and used street gangs to wipe out his political opponents.

Heritage Foundation’s Ray Walser Ph.D, Senior Policy Analyst for Latin America told NewsReal:

“The violent polarization in Haiti in 2003 that culminated in the events of 2004 were the results of a breakdown in democratic governance and Aristide’s massive corruption and cronyism not Washington’s handiwork. The U.S. did not discourage Aristide’s resignation and did facilitate his safe departure.”

According to the 1998 Poverty Report, by The World Bank,

“Haiti has never had a tradition of governance aimed at providing service to the population or creating an environment conducive to sustainable growth.”

If propping up a corrupt and brutal government with millions of dollars would actually help the people of Haiti out of their poverty, then the Clinton administration would have succeeded and Haiti would be a shining example of the Left’s idea of democracy in the Americas.

Or maybe it is.

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