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Out of Touch Labor Movement Incites Class Hatred

Posted on January 14 2010 1:23 pm
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Glenn Beck at top, Mark Mix at bottom right, and labor bosses Andrew Stern and Richard Trumka leave the White House (bottom left)

In addition to its longstanding ties to communists and socialists, the modern American labor movement that is now pushing hard for the socialist nationalization of America’s healthcare system is completely out of touch with average workers.

As Mark Mix, president of National Right to Work told Glenn Beck on his TV show, “There is a deep wedge and division between rank-and-file workers and the union officials that claim to represent them in Washington.”

The chasm has been growing ever since the New Deal era as unions became increasingly radical and focused on expanding the size and scope of government in order to augment their own power. Mix said

They’re about redistribution of wealth and they’re doing it with government power. You know, for the first time in organized labor’s history, they passed the Rubicon. Over 50 percent of all union members in America are now part of government and that bodes ill for America as we move forward.

Mix noted that many of today’s union officials and leaders have a history with the socialist movement. John Sweeney, former president of the AFL-CIO, was a card-carrying member of the Democratic Socialists of America, which is affiliated with the Socialist International. SEIU president Andrew Stern was trained at the Midwest Academy of Paul and Heather Booth, who are longtime radical agitators. SEIU veteran Ron Bloom, who is President Obama’s manufacturing czar was also affiliated with the Democratic Socialists of America, Mix said.

Added Mix

And you have a whole host of that here in America in the union movement. In fact, John Sweeney in 1995, when he took over the AFL-CIO, repealed the rules that prohibited communist leaders from running unions. And he started this training program called Union Summer with the young workers that was predicated on the design that it would be class-organizing methods and methodologies. That gets pretty close to the line when you talk about freedom and individual rights in America and then.

The radical-dominated labor movement today focuses on driving wedges between groups of people by promoting hatred of the rich and coercive redistribution of wealth.

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