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Great Scott! Brown Poised to Take Dems MA Senate Seat?

Posted on January 14 2010 1:30 pm
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The Daily Caller , Tucker Carlson’s newly launched site, reports “It’s For Real; Democrats fear disaster in Massachusetts.”

Oh, say it is so, Joe! Err, Tucker. Whatever! I’m too giddy with excitement at this development to think straight (is that homophobic? Probably, since I’m conservative, right?) Not only would it be sweet, sweet justice to have a Republican take over the Senate seat the Democrats like to erroneously call “Teddy’s seat”, Brown is super hot. OK, that’s not really important, but, come on. Would you rather look at Scott Brown on C-Span or continue to have only the likes of Senator Harry Reid as eye candy? (Reid is actually the opposite. He’s more like eye ipecac) Think please, will you, ladies of Massachusetts?!

In a sign of serious worry about the increasingly tense battle for Ted Kennedy’s seat, the Democratic National Committee and the Martha Coakley campaign have blasted a private memo to top national Dem donors claiming internal polling shows the race is “very tight” and making an “urgent” appeal for donations.

The memo, which was sent over by a source, is the latest sign that the campaign surge of GOPer Scott Brown has caught the Dem establishment off guard. It admits that the mobilization by big national conservative groups for Brown is “working” and acknowledges that the Dem campaign is “having trouble moving independents.”

“Our internal polling shows the race to be a very tight race that means we must do everything we can to ensure we are victorious,” reads the memo, which was written by Coakley’s finance chairman and sent to top donors late yesterday by the DNC.

On a private conference call with top Dem donors today, Martha Coakley acknowledged that Scott Brown’s surge has been “frightening.”

THAT is what we need to still be wary of — “everything they can do to be victorious.” Does ACORN have a huge presence in Massachusetts? Likely so. In tandem with all the other voter fraud, SEIU and their finger biting and various other election stealing tricks that the Democrats have up their sleeves, Brown is going to have to be very far ahead in order to cover the fraud-spread and pull out a victory. As of now, I’m feeling rather optimistic. Based on the most recent polling, he is surging. And surging big time. He also leads with independent voters by a margin of 71-23. No, really.

And if he does win? I will dance a jig, Chivas in hand, and laugh like I’ve never laughed before. Don’t worry, Teddy Kennedy. I’ll look down and toast you!

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