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Alec Baldwin’s Economic Advice: Forget Health Care and Destroy a Major Oil Company

Posted on January 13 2010 3:00 pm
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Alec Baldwin, the hot-headed Hollywood leftist actor, has no problem sticking to the Alinsky script. In his latest Huffington Post blog, Baldwin suggests that the administration forget health care and focus on energy.

“The goal of this country’s energy policy, long-term, should be to trigger a series of events that would lead to one clear measurement of our progress. That is the collapse of a major oil company. If a major oil company went out of business, we would be on the right track.”

Still clinging to the tired “war over oil” line Baldwin continues:

“Energy policy is the lynch pin of nearly all of our other economic problems. And our dependence on oil is the tragic path that we are still on, two wars in the Middle East in twenty years later, in order to deliver oil. Oil that costs so much more than what you read at the pump. You factor in both of those wars, the deaths of our brave soldiers, and the looming bill that our society will have to pay for our lack of maturity, foresight and courage on this front, the costs are incalculable.”

While it’s tempting to stop and snicker at the thought of a Baldwin lecturing about foresight and lack of maturity, I’ll resist and move on to the bottom line of the post.

Baldwin declares:

“Putting a major oil company out of business. That’s a war worth fighting.”

Baldwin writes that his father told him when he was a little boy, that the oil companies won’t come up with a new alternative form of energy until the last drop of oil is gone.

So, the new plan is to stop focusing on taking over health care, and use the government’s fist to smash at least one major oil company. That will put us on the right track, solve our war issues, environmental problems and save the economy.

Then, I suppose, if we are to believe his father’s  storyline, this will all come about because the oil companies will then, and only then, pull out a brand new energy supply (they obviously have been hiding all along)  and the world will be green.

And we will all live happily ever after.

It looks like Baldwin can’t tell the difference between real life and one of his movies.

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