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Useful Idiots: The Three Most Senior White Males in the Democratic Party, A Satire of Negro-gate

Posted on January 12 2010 4:30 pm
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The era of Barack Obama was over before Harry Reid who, like an 18th century New Orleans Anne Rice vampire, rose from his crypt to educate us on the finer points of octoroons, quadroons, quintoons, light skinned negros and negro dialects.

…But in case there was any doubt, Obama’s reaction to our 75 IQ Senator from the gambling capital of the West just helps seal the deal. Shouldn’t Obama at least have had the common decency to point out the obvious? The “obvious” is that Reid is at least an anachronistic confused fool. For what it’s worth, I did not like Trent Lott’s comments either, as much as they could have easily been excused away. But this is not about Lott, because the Republican Party punished Lott for his comments. The Democrats, on the other hand, praise Reid for his apology, even as I am quite sure he has no clue what he is apologizing for. I am also not surprised the same groups who attacked Mitt Romney for being Mormon, didn’t slither out of the DC garbage bins to accuse Reid’s Mormon religion for its overly white sensibility. Time magazine “delicately” referred to this as Romney’s Mormon Question.

Your browser may not support display of this image.In this 2006 file photo Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid of Nev., center, joined by Barack Obama.

Further, it is obvious Reid thinks in a racist way by nature or instinct. By “racist” I mean “racist”; someone who defines people along racial lines and suggests some kind of rank ordering based on physical attributes. Reid’s expertise in “One Drop Theory” also reminds me of Joe Biden’s racially oriented Obama comment in 2008. Recall Biden said Barack Obama was the “first mainstream African American candidate who was clean, articulate, bright and nice looking”. I especially liked the “clean” part. Finally, I recall ex-KKK “Kleagle” and “exalted Cyclops” Senator Robertwhite ni**ers” Byrd’s infamous racial comment on national television. Byrd is third in line in presidential succession. Who thinks like these people? The three most senior white males in the Democrat party, apparently. Perhaps only Eddie Murphy’s parody of white racism has a shot at victory in the “truth is stranger than fiction” wars (Saturday Night Live: White Like Me).

This was not the first time old Nevada Harry weighed in on race and intelligence. As Jonathan Adler of National Review reminds us, this is the same Harry Reid who in 2004 said of Republican dark skinned Negro, Clarence Thomas, that his opinions were an embarrassment and written on the level of an “8th grader” when compared to another Supreme Court conservative justice, Antonin Scalia. As a “medium skinned” grandson of southern Italian immigrants, I did wonder about the old mob connections in Vegas when he made that comment. Maybe Dirty Harry thought Scalia, a “dark-medium skinned” Italian of Sicilian ancestry, was related to Michael Corleone and he was just covering his bases.

When asked to provide an example to make his point on Thomas, he chose the Hillside Dairy case for which Scalia wrote nothing and Thomas wrote but a single paragraph. So he couldn’t even come up with a relevant example to support his color coded Clarence Thomas theories of intelligence. Where is Supreme Court case specialist Katie Couric when we need her? When I read Thomas’ comment, it seemed pretty complex to me. But, then again, I am not a specialist in quintoonism as Reid apparently is.

Yet I feel it is a waste of time to make such arguments. The more interesting question is how does a person as transparently stupid as Reid get to be the Senate Majority leader? How does he even get to be Senator? It is hard to believe these guys are not mere fronts for certain interests. Obama, as well as Congressional Black Caucus Chair, “medium skinned, medium dialect, Negro”, Barbara Lee, came out strongly in support of Reid. This is not surprising as they have also supported Byrd and Biden in the past.

Your browser may not support display of this image.

Reid and company are as Nikolai Lenin once said of his liberal supporters in the “West”; useful idiots. Reid is needed to help jam/bribe through a health care program the majority of Americans do not want but which the president and the black congressional caucus apparently do want. So Reid could talk all day about “light skinned” this, “octoroon” that, and “one drop” theories but he would still be supported by the left. For a party which obsesses on hypocrisy as the greatest political sin, this support of Reid sure seems…..well, hypocritical.

What I find most amazing about this situation is how the media does not simply laugh Reid off the public stage. Or, for that matter, how Americans in general don’t. If these guys are spending their days thinking about “clean” and “light skinned” Negroes doesn’t that effectively prove they are too stupid to come up with any policy that is not a disaster?

The answer is “yes, it does prove it.”

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