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Media Matters: salt not ‘necessary,’ Reid’s words not racist

Posted on January 12 2010 12:00 pm
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It must be embarrassing for a man, when a “stupid” “fat” guy twice your age (who just got out of coronary care) has more stamina than you do.

But apparently that’s the case over at the George Soros Steno Pool, a.k.a. Media Matters.

First, their “Limbaugh Wire” team was so flattened by guest host Mark Steyn they bailed out of work early. Now “El Rushbo” is back behind the Golden EIB Microphone, and it looks like the “Zacharies” have begged off, too, and been replaced by two “Michaels.”

Alas, the Two Michaels aren’t any more insightful or competent than the usual “Limbaugh Wire” team, who are tasked with the strenuous, mentally taxing job of working the high steel listening to somebody else’s three hour radio show, then typing up a few hundred empty words about it.

Naturally, the Michaels resort to that tired old Media Matters trick of putting unnecessary “scare quotes” around common, and mostly harmless, English words and phrases in lieu of actual analysis.

For example, they take inexplicable exception to Limbaugh’s assertion that Harry Reid’s controversial comments about Barack Obama were “devastatingly racist.” (Then again, Media Matters often gets befuddled with the subject turns to Rush Limbaugh and “racism”…)

Then the Michaels were so perturbed by Limbaugh’s common sense assertion that “salt is necessary” in the human diet, that they even formatted that sentence in extra large type.

Helpfully, they also cut and paste the laugh-out-loud bit that opened yesterday’s Rush Limbaugh show. “The Michaels” call this comedy routine “outrageous” and bizarre; for millions of normal people, it’s a perfect example of why Rush is the highest rated talk show host — and why “progressives” have a reputation for being humorless and unimaginative:

I got a movie idea, folks.  I was thinking about this over the weekend.  Here’s a movie idea for the Senate majority leader and his soul mate, Senator Robert Byrd, and we could call it When Harry Met Robert.  And it’s a buddy film.  It begins when Harry Reid meets Robert Byrd at a KKK meeting, a touching story of how two bigots bond and go on to be important leaders in the Democrat Party.

I can imagine a compelling scene, my friends, when Harry and Robert enlighten those in a local bar on various Negro dialects using busboys for an impromptu show-and-tell.  And just to show their compassion for Negroes with hard-to-understand dialects, Harry and Robert let ’em shine their shoes and then tip ’em real big, maybe flash a five spot so everybody can see it.

The shoe shiners are dark-skinned Negroes, just to highlight the stars’ tolerance here.  In the background you’d have a light-skinned Negro serving a young Bill Clinton coffee.  And then after impressing the locals with their brilliance and compassion, Harry and Robert get on a train headed for the nation’s capital, and just behind them and emerging from the steam produced by the mighty locomotive is a light-skinned Negro wearing a conductor’s outfit and without a hint of Negro dialect.  And he hollers out, “All aboard,” and that’s where the movie ends, you fade to black, the credits appear and you have Harry Belafonte singing Day-O.  I get chills just thinking about this movie, When Harry Met Robert.

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