Paul Cooper

Blue Dog Democrats Ready To Roll Over for ObamaCare?

Posted on January 12 2010 9:50 am
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Their bark is worse than their bite.

Ever hear of a guard dog that licked the face of the thief as he walked away with all the loot?  If not, keep an eye on the Blue Dog Democrats in the house.  They were supposed to be Democrats with conservative values, but their true values may prove to be party over principles.  At least, that appears to be the case when reading a recent interview with Congressman Brad Ellsworth.

Ellsworth is the model Blue Dog in the House of Representatives.  He won office by promising to be strongly pro-life and fiscally responsible.  It’s Congressmen like Ellsworth that have been portrayed as the stopper to Health Care reform that isn’t paid for and abortion free.

Nancy Pelosi, who has recently admitted Health Care reform will pay for abortions, has been saying all along that Blue Dogs would eventually stop barking and start rolling over.  Here is Pelosi, late last summer foreshadowing the Blue Dogs weakening:

“The Blue Dogs didn’t like it when I said I had the votes to pass it, because that was indirectly saying to them: ‘their members are going to vote for this’…I promise you that we will have a bill, it will be strong, we will have the votes for it.” – Pelosi

She appears to have been right.  Read what Ellworth said about health care this weekend to an Evansville, IN newspaper.

“Most people would agree something needs to happen.” – Ellsworth

The paper then reported this:

He said he won’t abide federal funding of abortion in the final bill, but he added that doesn’t mean he will end up agreeing with the National Right to Life Committee and other anti-abortion organizations that have denounced the Senate’s bill.  “I’m not going to take one group and say, ‘Just because they say it, it’s necessarily true,'” he said.

In other words, Ellsworth is ready to allow accounting tricks to cover up taxpayer funded abortion in the new health care bill.  Health and Human Services head Kathleen Sebelius has already admitted that a shell game will allow abortion funding, and the Blue Dogs think that is their out.  They can vote for the bill and still tell their voters they are pro-life.  Ellsworth told the Evansville paper that the “accounting principles” were good enough for him to not worry about the abortion issue.  Though he promises he will continue to research it.  Yeah, right.

If Ellsworth truly is representative of the Blue Dogs, and I believe he is, then Obamacare is guaranteed passing.  The final bill will probably combine the worst of the House and Senate bills to shove down the throats of the American people.  Sadly, after these dogs bite, there won’t be good enough health care to treat the Left for rabies.

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