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Bookworm: Islam’s Obsession with Sex

By Bookworm via Right Wing News

One of the defining features of Islam is its obsession with sex. Every rule regarding women is based upon a driving need to control their sexuality. They are married off as children, sequestered, dressed in clothes that rob them of any hint of femininity, deprived of any opportunities to function outside the reproductive sphere, and fearfully abused, with stonings, hangings, beheadings and beatings if they transgress in any way Islamic rules regarding their sexual or even merely feminine behavior.

A large part of the Islamic world’s hatred for America specifically, and the West generally, is premised upon the fact that the West gives women sexual freedom. And by sexual freedom, I don’t simply mean the freedom to have sex. I mean the freedom to be feminine in public.

The fearful degradation directed at women has two extremely ugly manifestations. The first is pedophilia, and the second is an obsession with pornography. (You’ll recall that both the 9/11 and Fort Hood terrorists spent their last days on earth visiting strip clubs.)

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