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Finally! Muslims Stand Up Against Islamic Terrorism

Posted on January 9 2010 8:01 am
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Ibrahim Al Jahim and Majed Moughni hold a sign that says, “Not In The Name Of Islam” outside Federal Courthouse

Totally absent from the nations headlines, with the exception of Fox News, is a startling and unprecedented development in the war on terror. As the panty bomber got his day in court yesterday, the real story was outside the federal courthouse, where over 100 Muslims actually rallied against Islamic terrorism.

Fox News’ Shepard Smith, covering the panty bomber story for Fox News, panned the crowd and recorded this astonishing comment made by a Muslim American:

“We’re gonna let the terrorists know that, you want us, we’re here, we’re on camera, you want to kill us? Here’s the bulls eye right here (points to forehead) come kill us because we’re Americans and we’re Muslims and we’re against you!

Also present and accounted for was Victor Begg, chairman of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan, who stated:

“Muslim Americans want to make it clear that Islam stands for life, not death”

Whoa, baby.

Also ignored by the media was another unprecedented but un-reported story that has profound implications for the war on terror.  Yesterday, twenty North American Muslim imams  actually issued a fatwa – against terrorists.

20 imams affiliated with the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada issued a Fatwa declaring the attacks on Canada and the U.S. by any extremist will be the attack on 10 million Muslims living in North America.

Yes, you read that right. The statement condemning Islamic terrorism is unequivocal in its language. Full document here. Muslims are now more vociferous in their condemnation of these fanatics than our own president is.

The fact that the civilized segment of Islam is starting to speak up against the fanatical faction is almost as astonishing as the fact that our own president hasn’t had the courage to take a similar stand.

Another astonishing fact is that most Americans must now access excellent blogs like NewsReal in order to be made aware of headline news.

Kudos to our fellow Muslim citizens who are finally starting to speak out. Color me happy.

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