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Tea Party Movement Picks Up Steam

Posted on January 8 2010 7:04 am
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Its official. The Tea Party movement now has its own anthem. Grammy Award winning Ray Stevens has released a dynamite new song –  and its going viral. ‘We The People’ has touched a chord with millions of disenfranchised Americans who are desperately seeking a way to make their voices heard in our increasingly elitist political system.

And that’s not all. There’s much more good news for tea-baggers:

The yet to be defined ‘ Tea Party Movement’ is rapidly coalescing, with its first ever convention set to be held in Nashville, Tennessee next month.  Sarah Palin will be the featured speaker.

In addition, thousands of diverse tea-party groups have been given a major shot in the arm by a web-site entitled Tea Party Patriots. They have made available links to hundreds of groups in all 50 states, enabling any American to access a tea party group in their own neighborhood. Just click on the link below.

Another new group, Tea Party Express, is organizing yet another national tour, with the express purpose of ‘Voting Them Out.’ Information and details are now available for their third rally, Tea Party Express III, to be held from March 27, 2010 to April 15, 2010. Click here to find the information for your area.

Shakespeare said, “To define is to limit.” To date, the Tea Party has been defined only by what it is not. It is not a third party, its is not part of the officially recognized political structure, and it is definitely not politics as usual. What it is will be up to any American who chooses to participate. Reminding me of another famous tea party a couple hundred years ago, where ordinary Americans decided to remove themselves from the constraints of  tyrannical leadership and establish a system for ‘We The People.’ With liberty and justice for all, not just for politically connected rent seekers.

Tea baggers have the advantage of being grounded in reality and being willing to learn from the lessons of history. What worked once can work again. With your help.

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