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PBS: 2010 – The Year of Informed Pessimism

Posted on January 8 2010 1:00 pm
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Leftists are SOOOOOOOOO depressing.

The January 4th broadcast of PBS’s On Point with Tom Ashbrook – 2010: The Year Ahead – included guest Jack Beatty, news analyst and senior editor at The Atlantic, a notoriously leftist publication.  Remember, it was The Atlantic who hired crazed photographer Jill Greenberg to take photos of John McCain.   Greenberg manipulated the photo shoot to make McCain appear dark and sinister and then photoshopped the images to make him appear like a blood-sucking ghoul.  Those images will circulate the Internet forever.  Google “jill greenberg mccain” and see for yourself.

And who can forget when The Atlantic’s Andrew Sullivan cast aside his journalistic integrity in support of liar extraordinaire Scott Thomas Beauchamp, the so-called Baghdad DiaristThe Atlantic has a much-deserved reputation for towing the leftist line.

Ashbrook had just asked his two other guests their predictions for the coming year, and they each predicted 2010 would be better, perhaps even fantastic.  He then turned his attention to Beatty:

Ashbrook: Jack, it’s going to be better, it’s going to be fantastic…What if it’s not?  Is there a backslide thing here, Jack?  I mean, we’ve got terrorism on the radar screen again, all of a sudden, just as the year ends; we’ve got challenges from all over the world.  Who knows?  Maybe a new battlefront in Yemen.  Are we going to have to whole arc from  – I don’t know  – where to where, as part of a war zone?  Do you see a better year, Jack?

Beatty: I don’t see a better year.  I see a year of perhaps greater realism, but also sort of informed pessimism.  I really think that by the year’s end people will be talking about a crisis in capitalism.  Consider the jobs dearth.  Over the 90’s, something like 20 million new jobs were created.  Over the “oughts” (2000 to 2009), net ZERO, according to the New York Times.  No new jobs created.  And, of course, over the same period, the average family’s income has gone down.  A country, a democracy, a country premised at least someplace, somewhere on the notion of Equal Chances can’t sustain itself on that kind of economic performance.

Assuming it is true that the number of jobs lost over the last decade exceeded the number of jobs created, Beatty conveniently ignores the fact that the vast majority of jobs were lost after the Democrats assumed power in 2006.  Job loss only accelerated on Obama’s watch.  Across-the-board tax cuts for both large and small businesses would jump start job creation, but that will not take place under an Obama-Reid-Pelosi triumverate, anyway.  Best not to mention it.

And then it gets weird.  Beatty starts interviewing HIMSELF.

Is it cyclical?

Doesn’t sound like it.  It’s a looooong cycle.

Is it structural?

It could be, I mean note that we did have the China trade deal in the 90’s.

Did that have such a deleterious effect?

We had the wrong macroeconomic policies, I would suggest, tax cuts for rich people, deregulation, that didn’t seem to work.

Can new policies make a difference?

I don’t know, but I think that we’re really up against something in the nature of our system that is not working for the average person.

It is so tiresome to listen to the same old harangues by the same old leftists about the evils of capitalism. It is a lie, no matter how often it is repeated. Capitalism has created more prosperity for more people than any other economic model at any other time in history.  PERIOD. Capitalism unlocks potential and inspires innovation. Capitalism lifts people out of poverty and hopelessness.  The tired “tax cuts for rich people” meme is supposed to make the poor envious and resentful of the very people who could provide them with jobs.  Fact is, imposing high taxes on the rich never created a single job.  Blaming the current recession on deregulation is like blaming war on bullets.  It’s not just stupid; it’s asinine.  It was the metastacization of Progressive anti-capitalist economic policies initiated by Woodrow Wilson and perpetuated by every succeeding administration that were responsible for this (and every other) recession.

Leftist ideology breeds pessimism.  Leftist economic policy always results in the collective misery of millions.  Leftist political strategy hinges on deception, subterfuge, half-truths, and outright lies.  Why in the world do we pay any attention to them?

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