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Media Matters: ‘Yentl’ Without the Music?

Posted on January 8 2010 12:00 pm
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In all the time I’ve been covering Media Matters, I’ve only spotted a couple of female bylines attached to their “reports.”

The George Soros Steno Pool claims to employ women, but evidently they’re relegated to brewing the yerba mate. One Christine Schwen has been promoted, however — I guess because the usual “Limbaugh Wire” scribes (with the exception of a single “Zachary”) have abandoned their post.

Rush’s rapid recovery must have been too much for them.

Alas, Schwen isn’t much of an improvement. She shares her male compatriots’ sophomoric sense of “humor” and lack of visible talent:

Today’s edition features the “Falsehood Detector,” which will BUZZ! every time Rush spreads a falsehood.

Except print doesn’t “buzz,” so…

And Media Matters has no business scolding Limbaugh on his “falsehoods,” since they’re the ones who (quietly) admitted that their smear campaign against Limbaugh last year was based on counterfeit quotes.

As usual, the “Limbaugh Wire” complains about Rush’s “unfunny” jokes by making genuinely unfunny jokes of their own. When she isn’t busily sticking “scare quotes” around ordinary English words, Schwen’s big complaints include Rush accidentally calling a female listener “sir,” and that his video “Dittocam” is now in HD — “try to stay calm, ladies,” she quips.

(Woman to woman note to Schwen: you could do much worse than a guy who makes $50-million+ a year and has a big house in Florida, plus his own plane. And you won’t meet him working at Media Matters…)

I didn’t think it was possible, but Schwen actually does a worse job recapping Rush Limbaugh’s show than her male comrades. It’s enough to make you think they should repeal the 19th Amendment, never mind affirmative action.

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