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Is Rush Right About Obama?

Posted on January 8 2010 9:04 pm
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From Today at Right Wing News

I’ve listened to Rush Limbaugh off and on for 20 years now. I agree with him on most things. I wish his personal life wasn’t so dramatic and unfortunate, but no one can argue the fact that he is the best broadcaster out there, bar none.

Through the years I’ve always been amazed how right he was, and I’m not talking about issues or personal beliefs. I’m talking about predictions and the reasons behind political decisions. He warned us during the primaries that nominating anyone but a true conservative would be the wrong candidate. I didn’t believe him. Like a lot of Republicans, I thought we needed a more moderate Republican. One who had compromised with the other side. One that would bring us the independents and moderate Democrats. I thought McCain fit that to a tee. And he did. But I was wrong, and Rush was right. When we stick to our ideals and principles, we win.

But for the last year Rush has been saying something about the Obama administration that I can’t wrap my mind around. I just can’t believe it could possibly be true. What is it? Well, if you have been listening to Rush you know.

He believes that the Obama administration is destroying the economy on purpose. On purpose. He says that the more people depend on the government, the more control the government has over the people and it’s institutions. He says this plan is a way for Democrats to stay in power…..always.

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