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George Noory: He Believes in Bigfoot and Area 51…Islamic Terror, Not So Sure.

Posted on January 8 2010 9:37 am
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The Al Qaeda plot to murder three hundred innocent Americans thrust the privacy rights vs. national security debate into the public forum once again. This became personal when I was awakened in the middle of the night by the host of Coast-to-Coast AM. My husband had left his radio on and I was wrest from sleep by Mr. George Noory discussing the latest evidence of “the Shadow Government.”

I know consumers of political gourmet are not likely to frequent the paranormal buffet table that is Coast-to-Coast, the largest night-time syndicated show with over five hundred stations and millions of listeners. When Art Bell was host, one heard of aliens, Bigfoot, ghosts and exorcists, along with serious interviews of physicists, computer scientists, geologists and astronomers. I admit that, following a long day with toddlers, I looked forward to chaos theory and the odd mad scientist explaining the finer points of time travel.

George Noory, Mr. Bell’s successor, has replaced the edgy science element with left-leaning, anti-establishment alarmists. Following 9-11, Art Bell instantly silenced conspiracists trying to peddle their wares. Mr. Noory welcomes 9-11 “Truthers,” including the noxious and obnoxious Alex Jones.

Speaking with guest Katherine Albrecht, Noory addressed full-body scans as a counter-terrorism measure. Albrecht’s expertise is avoiding being tracked on the Internet, so the question of intrusive government is right up her ally. Following Albrecht’s insistence that the scanners violate personal privacy, Noory expressed doubt concerning Terrorism:

“We know that if there is terrorism, it is because of the perception of our actions in the world. And, I believe that, if there isn’t terrorism, really, then the Shadow Government would give the impression that there is, so they can increase the fear and the things that can ask us to do, for our security.”

David Horowitz states that the leftist world view considers America to be immune from any true threat. Animosity is of our own foreign policy making. For George Noory, terror in the skies is likely to be a “Shadow Government” fabrication facilitating the implementation of measures of control by the New World Order.

Readers might suggest that I not lose any sleep over Mr. Noory, an entertainer telling ghost stories and interviewing wizards, who appears dismissible and harmless. A quick perusal of his frequent guest list reveals that a full twenty percent claim to be inside experts in finance and banking.

While most people sleep, Coast to Coast pumps the stuff of which the “Global Banking Conspiracy Theory” is made of to an audience that is partially made up of individuals needing more conspiracy confirmation like Michelle Obama needs another $6,000 purse.

The History Channel’s special on the 9-11 (oh, I really do hate calling them this) “Truthers,” concludes with this assessment of the danger of factually bereft conspiracy theories:

“We see that those who embrace the theories are so emotionally invested in these ideas because it isn’t really about the facts, but about the people’s identities themselves. The ideas are truly corrosive.”

Mr. Noory’s playing host to the lie that Islamic Terror is an illusion manufactured by the real enemy, a Shadow Government seeking to control our lives, is corrosive. It trivializes the threat from an enemy who inflicts tangible, catastrophic harm. It weakens unified resolve to use necessary force to eradicate politicized Islam and it poisons the genuine love we ought to have for our Country by broadcasting a festering cynicism about our way of life and American defense of freedom in a compromised world.

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