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The New York Times Favors Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants

Posted on January 6 2010 11:58 am
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The New York Times’  lead editorial today urges amnesty for the approximately 12 million illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States – or as the Times calls them, “the undocumented underclass.”   It does not use the word “amnesty,” of course.   But how else would one define a program the Times supports that:

legalizes immigrants who show that they have been employed, pay a $500 fine, learn English and undergo a criminal background check

A $500 fine?  That’s less than what you will have to pay in fines under Obamacare if you decide not to purchase any health insurance!

Here are at least three good reasons to oppose gimmicks (called immigration reform by their proponents) for legalizing “the undocumented.”

1.  With the official unemployment rate hovering around 10% and the real underemployment rate alot higher, this is no time to add millions more to the pool looking for scarce jobs.   Not only would this pressure come from the illegal immigrants already here – some of whom are working illegally already and others of whom are not.   It will also come from the many more millions of aliens who will cross the border into the United States with confidence that they too will eventually be granted amnesty.

2.  Our health service  system will crumble under the weight of millions more demanding health services with Obamacare subsidies in the face of a static or dwindling supply of doctors and other health service providers.  This will inevitably lead to top-down government mandated rationing and a drive to the lowest common denominator of health care in this country.

3.  It’s simply not fair to the people who have played by the rules and sought to become American citizens the correct  way, just as our ancestors had to do.

 Lets focus our energy this year on such priorities as getting the economy back on track and winning the War on Terror, not on a fool’s errand to reward illegal behavior.

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