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Darnit! Charles Johnson Catches Me Being a Racist! Whatever Shall I Do?

Posted on January 6 2010 10:09 am
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Charles Johnson brands me with the ‘R’ word. And it isn’t ripped, even though I totally am.

Y’know, I’m really glad that Charles Johnson of let me know I was a racist, because if I don’t fix that soon, it’s going to cause me major social problems.

On January 2, posted a webcam interview with Charles Johnson about his post titled, “Why I Parted Ways with the Right.” Watch the full interview below:

At 45 minutes in, Mr. Johnson mentions an article I wrote at Pajamas Media while discussing his anger over the right-wing’s support for fascism. In my piece, I criticize the Conservative Political Action Conference for bringing the John Birch Society on as a co-sponsor.

Johnson states that my criticism,

“wasn’t based on the fact that John Birch Society was an illegitimate group, or a racist group, which they are. The criticism was based on allowing them to attend was politically not very smart. So it wasn’t based on principle, it was based on politics.”

Yes, in my attempt to persuade CPAC to drop JBS, I pointed out that it hurt them and their agenda, but let’s look at what else I said.

I described JBS as having an “oh-my-god-look-a-conspiracy-attitude,” and spend the rest of the article ridiculing their theories about the involvement of the American government in the anti-freedom conspiracy to bring about a one-world government in partnership with the Communists. In other words, I am attacking the legitimacy of the group, just as Johnson said I should have.

But am I being indifferent to racism as Johnson implies? Absolutely not. JBS’ current material, at least what I’ve seen, is not racist in any way. None of my interactions with its members have exposed me to racism and although it’s possible Johnson can pull up an offensive quote from a past leader, it would be highly irresponsible for me to paint the organization as racist when their agenda has nothing to do with the subject. And if I did use such a label, which apparently one must do to pass Mr. Johnson’s racism litmus test, would only make me look like the type of person who immediately embraces accusations and negative labels against their political adversaries.

Mr. Johnson, you should be ashamed of yourself for implying I was indifferent or somehow supportive of racism. And next time you’re doing an Internet show, don’t wear a shirt that looks like one of those giant lollipops I used to try to win at the fair.

Ryan Mauro is the founder of and a regular contributor to FrontPage Magazine.

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