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Lunch Break

Posted on January 5 2010 1:00 pm
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Oedipus Song

Oedipus: The cresting road to Thebes I strode.

Two wounded feet my primal load.

My true father’s touch — a goad

This shepherd boy repulsed, there know’d.

Chorus of Angels: Unbound!

Oed.: The Sphinx’s tale once by me shorn,

The state ingratiated. My horn

The matrilineal sheath suborned.

Three future eclipsed stars were born.

Chor.: Unchecked!

Oed.: To nefarity I gave my awl.

Such peerless orbits’ obits scrawled

In jellied blood did scald

One face. Three maws. Two mauled.

Chor.: Unmasked!

Oed.: The road to Colonus we cobbled.

The good girl led, after whom I hobbled.

Righteousness my wasted force redoubled.

Iam requiescam, ne’er more troubled.

Chor.: Untasked!

by Jeremiah Duboff, who blogs as Jeremayakovka.

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