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Beck Is The Media Matters “Misinformer” of the Year

Posted on January 5 2010 11:41 am
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In 2009 Glenn Beck became a thorn in the side of the Obama administration and the American left’s Public Enemy Number One, surpassing fellow conservatives Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill O’Reilly in terms of pure hateful bile generated.

The hysteria infecting among left-bloggers was roughly proportionate to Beck’s effectiveness in challenging President Obama’s socialist agenda.

On Monday Beck recounted some of the names and adjectives –“conspiracy nut,” “idiot,” “insane,” “hysterical”— that apoplectic bloggers hurled at him last year as he called out the Chicago thugs in the White House for their many abuses of power: “Beck’s hysterical rantings have no basis in reality or fact…”

Little Green Footballs: “Is there a point at which most reasonable people will start realizing that Glenn Beck is a raving freakazoid nut sandwich?”

Blog For All: “Beck is an idiot who clearly hasn’t done his research…”

Beck was responding to the award bestowed on him by the George Soros steno pool known as Media Matters. Headed by pathological liar David Brock, Media Matters named Beck the 2009 Media Matters Misinformer of the Year. Masquerading as an impartial media watchdog, it is the mission of the left-wing opposition research organization to bully reporters into toeing the liberal line. Even the New York Times describes Media Matters as a “highly partisan research organization.”

Beck should consider the award a great compliment because Media Matters only attacks those conservative voices it considers dangerous to the leftist agenda. Previous “misinformer” honorees include Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and even liberal talking head Chris Matthews when he failed to toe the far left’s line.

What exactly did Beck do to earn the enmity of the left? Here is just a short list of Beck’s many accomplishments last year: leading the opposition to President Obama’s Big Government takeover of the healthcare system; revealing President Obama’s autocratic, unaccountable czar-led approach to governing; spearheading the Tea Party movement including the nationwide 9/12 rallies; publicizing the corruption of President Obama’s former employer ACORN including unveiling the hidden camera prostitution sting videos; bringing down green jobs czar and confessed communist Van Jones; exposing the agenda of the extreme-left Apollo Alliance; and exposing diversity czar and Hugo Chavez admirer Mark Lloyd.

Let’s hope Beck makes it a two-fer, earning another “misinformer” title in 2010.

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