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NPR Uses Tax Dollars to Insult Taxpayers (Updated)

Posted on January 4 2010 6:54 pm
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Unbelievable.  The state-run media have truly outdone themselves this time.  National Public Radio‘s editorial board apparently decided that completely alienating at least 55% of those who fund it by dehumanizing us was a smart move when they made a video called How to Speak Teabag.  You just have to watch it to understand what an unbelievably arrogant move this was.

And let’s face it: those who are not offended by this are considerably more likely to not pay taxes than those whom it offends, so NPR is intentionally insulting the vast majority of those who fund it, which is more arrogant than the video itself.

It’s time to de-fund NPR.

Warning: seriously not safe for work. Seriously.

I threw in How the World Works‘ take at the end.

Oh, and do make sure to read the state-approved comments over at NPR.


UPDATE: In response to Ted in the comments, here’s a list of NPR’s sponsors by percentage:

  • 31% from listeners in the form of pledges, memberships, and other donations
  • 20% from businesses via corporate underwriting
  • 11% from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), which is federally funded*
  • 10% from licensee support
  • 9% from foundations and major gifts
  • 5% from local and state governments, and
  • 14% from all other sources.

The asterisk? It’s to let you know that NPR distributes its federal funding in what is essentially a form of affirmative action via redistribution of wealth:

*A note on CPB funding: There are 434 stations in 47 states and territories (including Guam and Puerto Rico) that specifically serve rural and minority communities; the latter includes numerous African-American, Native American, Latino, and multicultural licensees. In many cases, they are the sole local broadcasting service available. These stations receive significantly higher funding from CPB – in some cases, as much as two-thirds of their budgets – since many of their listeners simply don’t have the financial resources to provide support.

They probably “simply don’t have the financial resources” to pay taxes, either, let alone purchase broadcasting licenses like every media outlet which has to survive on its merits in the private sector has to do.  It turns out that the very stations which NPR funds disproportionately don’t tend to do too well on the free market.  Thanks for proving my original point and yet again spitting in the taxpayers’ (and the readers’ and listeners’) faces, NPR.

Many thanks to Slublog.

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