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Media Matters wants Brit Hume to ‘apologize’ for… not sure, actually…

Posted on January 4 2010 4:20 pm
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The day Fox News finally got picked up by a Canadian cable provider, I jumped into the car after work and told my husband to drive home fast.

I couldn’t wait to experience an alternative to Bush-hating, anti-Israel (and up here, anti-American) tv news.

I thumbed “181” into the remote — and there was Brit Hume. In those days, he was still anchoring the six o’clock news. It was about 6:20, so Hume was talking to an in-studio guest, whom the chryon identified as Reverend Someone or Other.”

The first thing I heard was Brit Hume asking his guest what it said in the Gospel of John about charity.

I felt like Oprah Winfrey, who says the first time her neighbors saw the Supremes on the Ed Sullivan Show, they started yelling out their windows: “Come quick! Black people on the television!”

My husband and I gaped at each other. Jesus on the news?!

“I think we’re in Kansas…” I quipped.

Fast forward to yesterday, when Brit Hume (now retired as an anchor but still a “Fox News Contributor”) sat in on a Fox News “Sunday show” panel. Asked his thoughts on the big stories of 2009 and his predictions for the new year, Hume offered some advice to disgraced golfer (and presumed Buddhist) Tiger Woods: accept Christianity and turn his life around.

Predictably, “progressive” pundits broke open the smelling salts and turned up the snark. The Huffington Post’s contribution was typical:

And that’s Brit Hume… proselytizing on my teevee this morning! I hope that viewers of EVERY OTHER FAITH don’t mind Hume’s contention that redemption is only really possible if you “Christ up”…

But the George Soros Steno Pool, a.k.a. Media Matters, went one step further:

Fox’s Brit Hume says Tiger Woods’ faith is inadequate, urges him to become a Christian. If this wasn’t Fox News, I’d take “Tomorrow, 2 pm” in the when-will-Hume-apologize pool.  But it is Fox, so “the Fifth of Never” seems like a safer choice.

So… Media Matters thinks Brit Hume should apologize for… believing that his religion is better than any other?

Which is what the believers in those other religions think about their own: that it’s the best one. They take their faiths seriously, too. Otherwise, why would Media Matters think they’d need an apology…?

Yeah, well: progressive types aren’t big on thinking things through. They’re all about shallow relativism and “not being judgmental” — unless they’re being judgmental about The Judgmental. Like that evil Brit Hume!

Oh, and guys: it’s the “Twelfth of Never.” When you staff your enterprise with smug college boys whose frames of reference start around “the day Star Wars came out”, you get faulty cultural references to go along with the lazy snark.

Sure, it’s a little thing, but Media Matters specializes in trolling for the quotidian, the “gotcha!” non-story, the invented quote.

So you have to ask yourself, again:

What else does Media Matters get wrong every day?

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