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Left-Wing Colorado Governor, Assisted by Denver Newspaper, Slimes His Opponent

It is a tenet of left-wing argument that if one can inject an accusation or even the tiniest innuendo of extremism into a debate, it has the effect of doing this to the opponent.  Don’t worry about the debate of the ideas, attack the person.

Actor Robert Redford and billionaire Socialist George Soros’ names have surfaced in Colorado gubernatorial politics, with Redford’s recent endorsement of left-wing incumbent Bill Ritter, whom Denver conservative radio talk-show host Peter Boyles re-named Tax Ritter, for re-election.

The Denver Post Politics-West blog, part of Denver’s only surviving major printed newspaper, has most cleverly, deliberately, fallaciously and backhandedly shoveled some slime into gubernatorial challenger Scott McInnis’ face.   

True to lefty form, the incumbent Ritter pulled the truly conservative former  Congressman Tom Tancredo extremist card out of the deck to use against McInnis.  Ritter got some handy assistance in sliming both McInnis and Tancredo from The Post’s Tim Hoover:

“Colorado Governor Bill Ritter needs to condemn as indecent a proposal from actor Robert Redford, who has endorsed the Democrat for re-election, says GOP gubernatorial contender Scott McInnis. Ritter recently showcased his support by Redford, a longtime conservationist and environmentalist, in campaign e-mails and on the campaign website…”

Well, you know what they say about birds of a feather.  Hoover continues with a quote from Redford’s endorsement:

“…’Bill Ritter is proving that the green economy is more than a lofty dream for the future.  It’s the new reality, creating tens of thousands of good-paying jobs in Colorado alone’. But McInnis called on Ritter to renounce Redford’s endorsement, pointing to remarks Redford made earlier this year (2009) in Denver, in which he said ‘all dams should go away.’

“’It’s easy for a multi-millionaire Hollywood actor to swoop in and make pronouncements about how we should live in Colorado,’ McInnis said in a statement. McInnis said removing dams in Colorado would be a disaster, ‘and Bill Ritter should condemn such a silly statement rather than relish Redford’s endorsement.’

But Ritter, who said he doesn’t agree with Redford’s statement, has no plans to reject the actor’s endorsement.

‘Just because Robert Redford supports me doesn’t mean I subscribe to everything Redford’s ever said,’ Ritter said…”

Predictably, Ritter and Hoover, the Post blogger, now reach deep into the slime pit and here it comes, ladies and gentlemen.  Hoover continues his narrative:

“…Ritter pointed to one of McInnis’ notable supporters, Tom Tancredo, a Republican who has been no stranger to controversial public statements himself.  Tancredo once suggested the U.S. should bomb Muslim holy sites in Mecca and Medina. ‘Is he (McInnis) going to subscribe to subscribe to everything Tom Tancredo has ever uttered?’ Ritter asked…”

This is too precious – Ritter’s sawed-off shotgun blast in response to McInnis’ position on a specific statement and issue, is abetted by Hoover’s immense lie of omission as he cites only a part of one of Tancredo’s statements, taken wholly out of context for Hoover’s purposes. Here’s what Tancredo, a media-maligned staunch proponent of sealing the Mexican border and regulating immigration, really said about bombing Mecca and Medina.  But who needs the entire statement to formulate a valid opinion and write an ethical blog posting?  This is left-wing political strategy at its zenith, folks.

At the local or national level, the left is always the left and continues to marginalize and destroy the right by picking up the kitchen table, a hammer, mud, rocks, and – yes – anything to throw at the opponent.

The beat goes on.

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