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Ali Khamenei’s Lavish and Paranoid Lifestyle

extensive surveillance operation for the personal use of Ayatollah Khamenei. Each evening the leader is said to listen to recordings of senior officials and colleagues talking about him in a compilation that normally lasts 20 minutes…

Granted, accounts by dissidents may well contain hyperbole. Yet taken together with recent events, these details give added credence to the image of a tyrannical and materialistic regime whose clerical leaders in reality have long-doffed their religious mantles while claiming piety.

Khamenei seems to be just another two-bit despot hell bent on preserving his corrupt and perverse existence no matter what the cost in blood, sweat, and tears may be for Iran’s citizens. No wonder a new attempt at revolution is underway to boot Khamenei and his hypocritical ilk out of power! Even the last shah’s exiled son now speaks of Iranians’ growing desire for a secular democracy.

Read the whole thing at Real Clear World.

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