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The Politics of Blind Faith: Ron Paul Revolution

Posted on January 3 2010 4:11 pm
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A Paleo-Radical feeding frenzy is stirring the NewsReal waters following Ryan Mauro’s timely coverage of Dr. Ron Paul’s Letterman-joust with Ben Stein. The virulence of the Paulists’ emotional reactions and their allergic reaction to logical opposition of their world-view are indicative of a political faith that constitutes a serious, corrosive element to social stability.

Two David Horowitz excerpts from the Blog this week, primarily intended to give deeper insight to the mentation of Leftists, inadvertently clarified the inner workings of the Paulist, Paleo-Radical mind as well. Mr. Horowitz provides the strongest argument that those crystallized about Ron Paul, while claiming to restore America to her Constitutional roots, may actually be anti-American Revolutionaries, themselves.

In an excerpt from The Politics of Bad Faith, Mr. Horowitz explains that Radicals are obsessed by a utopian project:

“Indeed, what is troubling to the community of the Left is…the idea that this history should culminate in disenchantment with the utopian project.”

Pope Pius XI explains the source of revolutionary “utopian projects” in his Letter on Atheistic Communism, Divini Redemptoris:

“…the keen regret for a paradise which had been lost.”

The consummate mentor of the “disenchanted,” Whittaker Chambers, further clarifies the core of radicalism:

“The Revolutionary heart of Communism is not the theatrical appeal, ‘Workers of the World, Unite.’ It is a simple statement of Karl Marx…‘It is necessary to change the world.’”

Revolution is the imposition of utopian pursuit of Paradise Lost. In Politics of Bad Faith, Horowitz explains that the driving force guiding this fever to change the world is a refusal to accept the basics of human reality:

“What the Left cannot face is…reconciliation to the finite parameters of the human condition; the unavoidable conflicts and inevitable insufficiencies that make up ordinary social unhappiness. In other words: Acceptance of who and what we are.”

All three mutations of the Revolutionary Virus, Communism, Radical Islam, and Paleo-Conservatism, identify a single barrier to their Utopia, the chosen Enemy: Capitalism, American Democracy, or the World Bankers deftly manipulating the Military Industrial Complex. In a featured excerpt from Unholy Alliance, Mr. Horowitz speaks of the Radical’s tendency to see America as the generator of her own enemies.

“Radicals never see America as reacting to a threat that cannot either be subdued or ignored. America has no worthy enemies, only rebellious subjects. America’s perceived adversaries are actually only reacting to America’s own aggressions. In other words, Iraq posed no dangers to American security that America itself did not provoke.”

Ron Paul expressed this vision perfectly when he yelled at Stein,

“They are terrorists because we are occupiers!”

As a recovering revolutionary, I have some experience with the intoxicating effects of fighting to change the world. As a revolutionary, one is part of something grandiose, important. One is too important for the humble daily duty, the human, the real. The Revolution is family, it justifies the neglect of those whose lives might actually be improved by our sacrifices and energy. The pursuit of a perfect world excuses one from the obligations of personal conversion. Crushing the enemy erases the precept of respectful, empathetic treatment of one’s neighbor. The Revolution is superior knowledge. Initiation into the “truth” of “The Secret Plot,” elevates one above the inferior, “sleeping” masses who are disdainfully categorized as ignorant, selfish, and apathetic sheep.

It is imperative that conservatives not underestimate the power of the Paulists’ passion or the influence they may exercise in the next election cycle.

This is a perfect time for everyone to reread Mr. Swindle’s “The Final Word on the Crackpot Conspiracist Mindset.”

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