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Sullivan and Maher on Terrorism: Cars are Worse Than Al Qaeda

Posted on January 1 2010 7:30 am
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Only cars like this should be thought of in the context of fighting terrorism.

Prominent blogger Andrew Sullivan (the genius who pushed rumors that Sarah Palin was lying about giving birth to her fifth son, Trig) was on “Real Time with Bill Maher” where the two were discussing terrorism. Maher, in remarks Sullivan described Wednesday as “one of the smartest things Bill Maher has ever said on the subject,” said the death toll of natural disasters and car accidents were far less than that of terrorism, and we aren’t declaring war on cars. Here’s the video:

Excuse me, but I don’t think there are cars plotting our deaths in secret from Toyotastan and Hondarabia. Many of those deaths come from people too impatient and too selfish to sober up before driving or too eager to show off their “The Fast and The Furious” impressions to win over some shallow hottie. And yes, many tragically happen because of mistakes and mechanical failures that will inevitably happen—but 9/11s are not inevitable.

Sullivan and Maher agree that we can’t let terrorists “control our lives” and force us to give up our freedoms, although some practical things like higher security measures are needed. I’m not sure what freedoms they are saying are being squandered in order to fight terrorism, but is it any worse than the violations of freedom taken to protect us from the vicious threat of car accidents?

You have to wear a seatbelt, you have to go the speed limit, you have to spend your money to bring the car for inspection, patrol cars hide and wait to catch any violations and can pull you over for the vague offense of “reckless driving.” The effort to keep the roads safe involves a lot more regulation interfering in daily lives than the War on Terror does.

At the same time, the two don’t even realize that they aren’t only slapping the current conflict. The attack on Pearl Harbor killed a lot less people than died in car accidents, so why bother pursuing that war past the time when Japan’s capabilities to attack us were minimized to a level that was more acceptable as just one of the many unfortunate things that can happen in life?

Ryan Mauro is the founder of and a regular contributor to FrontPage Magazine.

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