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Rebuttal: My, what Overwhelming Faith you Have in Your Government…

Posted on January 1 2010 6:45 pm
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Today NewsReal featured a letter to the editor from progressive writer/activist Pat Ray in which he demanded NewsReal’s managing editor explain what conservatives’ plan is to help the middle class.

Dear Pat,

Thank you for your email responding to my colleague John Perazzo’s article. I noticed that you pretty much dismissed the facts reported in it as “conspiracy theory.” I suppose your reason for doing so is the same as your continual invocation of “redbaiting” — and your inability to adequately define either term. Any ideas which challenge your progressive faith must be discredited so you do not have to consider their merits.

But the value I see in your letter comes in these statements here:

Please send me a link to a piece conservatives have run in support of shoring up our disappearing middle class. (The GOP has just become the party of “NO” with few ideas of their own. You say you & your colleagues support the middle class — so prove it.)

The proof’s in the pudding and I don’t see your side really contributing to anything that will help get our economy back on track or create good-paying jobs.

This really illustrates one of the most fundamental differences between the Left and the Right, your understanding of politics and mine.

You believe it’s the government’s job to fix the country’s problems. You believe that if people are out of work then the government should create a job for them. You believe that if people are working occupations that do not provide health insurance (or they choose not to buy it because they think it’s too expensive) that the government should step in and give it to them. You believe that these goodies should be paid for by taxing wealthier people at higher rates. You believe that it’s the government’s job to be the Fairy Godmother to the middle class.

In other words, you have a faith that the government can engineer a better world if only we would give it a chance. Such a faith can only be maintained by ignoring the history of the 20th century. And I’m not just talking about all the failed Marxist experiments all over the globe. There was a reason I wanted you to watch this Steven Crowder video highlighting several unintended consequences of the last 50 years’ worth of “progressive” governance in Detroit. Big government does not have the best track record at achieving what it intends.

Now, because of this understanding, does that mean I favor evil rich people over the noble middle, working, and lower classes? I’m a horrible person merely because I think your “solution” will only make things worse?

My moral convictions and desire for a better world have not changed since we were closer together on the political spectrum back in college. My heart still aches when I see my fellow Americans struggling to provide their families with wonderful lives. But my experiences over the past few years in the workplace — seeing capitalism and the world’s overwhelming complexity in action — have taught me that these problems cannot be solved by simply passing laws and pouring other people’s money on them.

Why can’t you understand this simple concept no matter how many times I explain it to you? Why can’t you recognize it as an intellectually legitimate perspective with which you merely passionately disagree? Why can’t I just be wrong instead of malicious? Why must you — as you always do in our discussions — paint me, your friend, as a monster comparable to a Nazi just because I no longer embrace your solution for fixing the world?

Warmest regards,


Pat is invited to respond.

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