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Letter to the Editor: Enough Redbaiting, what is Conservatives’ Plan to Save the Middle Class?

Posted on January 1 2010 3:33 pm
David Swindle is the Managing Editor of NewsReal Blog and the Associate Editor of FrontPage Magazine. Follow him on Twitter here
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Ignore who Obama got his ideas from. To do otherwise is "redbaiting."

One of the best articles we’ve had at FrontPage in the past few weeks was John Perazzo’s “The Communists Behind Obama’s Healthcare Goals.”

I thought the piece was particularly important because it explained in important ways how Old Left communists had influenced today’s “progressive” leaders, the Democratic Party, and President Barack Obama himself. It demonstrated that to point out the neo-communist nature of the Left is not just some nasty, partisan slur. It’s a legitimate understanding based on indisputable facts.

So, silly me, I sent the article to my dear friend and regular “progressive” debating partner Pat, aka the Clergyman P-Ray. I’d hoped that it could show him why it’s necessary and fair to point this stuff out. It’s not “redbaiting” — a meaningless term he throws at me every time I speak of Marxism in a negative sense. Pat sent me this response back which he has given me permission to reprint and respond to here at NRB.

more redbaiting (sigh)…still no activism to help working people


While you and your colleagues continue to obsess over Marxism and socialism, the Democratic Party has shifted to the Right of Nixon’s GOP as they pass shortsighted legislation that will mandate everyone buy a junk govt-mandated insurance policy with no competition or cost-controlling mechanism in place amidst soaring healthcare costs and record windfalls for the American health and pharmaceutical oligarchies.

I just don’t know why you must continue to peddle Communist conspiracy theories…apparently this is your job now as Horowitz is a Baby Boomer who has yet to move on from the Cold War era.

Millions of independent-minded progressives like myself are disenfranchised more than we’ve ever been and don’t feel we have a voice in our government despite our efforts to elect lawmakers who support reform and our activism at the grassroots level. With the latest bank bailouts, extension of the destructive era of corporate giveaways and police state natl. security apparatus Uncle Sam is now officially a wholly owned subsidiary of K-Street.

We are living through the greatest long-term economic decline since the Great Depression and are in dire need of another social movement to hold government accountable to citizens in an era where Wall Street corruption and excess is backstopped by the government while Main Street Americans endure mass lay-offs, are foreclosed upon and lose their way of life.

Please send me a link to a piece conservatives have run in support of shoring up our disappearing middle class. (The GOP has just become the party of “NO” with few ideas of their own. You say you & your colleagues support the middle class — so prove it.)

The proof’s in the pudding and I don’t see your side really contributing to anything that will help get our economy back on track or create good-paying jobs. All these reactionary ad-hominem attack posts do is give cover to a corrupt and broken status quo in Washington and on Wall Street.

Conspiracy theories about some academic or political adviser’s past don’t do much for me. What makes conservatives think they will gain power again without some ideas of their own on how to revive the middle class?

Happy Holidays,


See my response to the Clergyman later today at NewsReal.

UPDATED: Response now available here.

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