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Auschwitz Sign Stolen for Neo-Nazis

POSTED BY SAMMY BENOIT AT 12/30/2009 11:26:00 PM

One of the most chilling reminders of the Holocaust was stolen from its place outside Auschwitz two weeks ago. After an intense manhunt by the Polish Government the sign Arbeit Macht Frei (Work Will Set You Free) was found and five people were arrested. Initial reports were that the thieves who took the sign which symbolizes to the world the atrocities and cruelty of Nazi Germany, had nothing to do with Neo-Nazis. As they got deeper into the investigation, the authorities are revealing that the thieves were actually hired by a neo-Nazi group that planned to sell the sign to fund terrorist attacks in Sweden.

A Swedish newspaper Aftonblade, reported that a former leader of a Nazi group said a buyer “was ready to pay millions for the sign.” The unidentified source told the paper that the money would pay for an attack on the home of Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and on the Swedish Foreign Ministry.

Read the whole thing at YID With LID.

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