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It’s Not Just the White House That’s the Problem

Posted on December 30 2009 12:19 pm
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Last night, Eric Bolling, sitting in for Sean Hannity, had Ibrahim Hooper on to comment on the need for profiling likely terrorists at airports in the wake of the Detroit bomber incident.

Bolling could have had a representative from al-Qaeda on to advise Americans on how to protect themselves from al-Qaeda attacks. Bolling neglected to mention the fact that Hooper’s organization is a spin-off of two terrorist organizations, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, or that four of its top executives have been convicted of terrorist activities.

So Hooper was given ten minutes of prime time to try to disarm Americans in the face of the threat that faces them from his jihadist friends. Of course there should be profiling, but not by putting Muslims in one line and everyone else in another as Hooper deceptively proposed. Everyone traveling from or having a passport belonging to a Muslim terrorist nation should be searched before boarding a plane.

And by the way, if they are foreign nationals they should be required to have passports even if they are Nigerian or black (which racist prejudice fostered by the Left was responsible for this gaffe?)

What Bolling failed to point out is that our screening resource is a scarce one. You can’t search a billion passengers annually. So you have to pare down the list. That’s what profiling is about. The blood of many Americans will be on the heads of Bush Transportation Secretary Norman Minetta, of Al Gore and the feckless Clinton administrators who didn’t implement the airport security recommendations that would have prevented 9/11, of Patrick Leahy, and of every liberal who is still against profiling as a necessity for national security.

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