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American Conservatives Pine for Saddam

Posted on December 30 2009 1:11 pm
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NewsReal’s editor, David Swindle, launched the day with an excerpt from David Horowitz’s crucial terrorism primer, Unholy Alliance. This work provides the key to understanding the Administration’s utter lack of genuine concern about the escalation of Radical Islamic violence against the United States during this past week.

As confirmed Marxists, Obama and his politburo share the core “animus towards the United States” that fuels the Islamist cry, “Death to America,” though our revolutionaries disguise the cry as, “Radically Transform America!”

Without perhaps intending to do so, Mr. Horowitz has simultaneously discerned the essence of a stranger, Unholy Alliance, that of the rising Paleoconservative Movement with the extreme Left.

The American Conservative, a website companion to the journal launched by Patrick Buchanan, carries an article so shockingly anti-American, that one expects to find it gracing the pages of the CPUSA. Spewed by retired Navy Commander, Jeff Huber, Bring Back the Bad Guys perfectly illustrates David Horowitz’s diagnosis of the radical view of American intervention in the world:

From Unholy Alliance:

“Radicals never see America as reacting to a threat that cannot either be subdued or ignored, or to a set of circumstances whose outcome it cannot determined. A typical expression of this assumption is a statement made by James Weinstein…two years after 9/11: ‘The realistic military threat to the United States from any other nation, of course, is near zero.’

“Bring Back the Bad Guys” details Jeff Huber’s distortion of our “futile and harmful” intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan:

“Oh, for the good old days under Saddam Hussein! Whatever you want to say about the son of a sand dune, he didn’t need a field manual to figure out how to run his country. Neither did Mohammed Omar’s Taliban need a book on how to run Afghanistan. We’d be better off by far if we had never invaded either but worked instead with the power structures already in place. One of our biggest mistakes in Iraq was ousting Ba’athist leaders who knew how to keep things under control. Our biggest mistake in Afghanistan was putting Hamid Karzai in power. The closest thing Afghanistan has to a political leader is Omar, who was its de facto head of state from 1996 to 2001.

Horowitz cites one of the Left’s favorite post 9-11 authors, William Blum who wrote:

“Yet, a few million people have died in the American holocaust and many more millions have been condemned to lives of misery and torture as a result of U.S. interventions extending from China and Greece in the 1940s to Afghanistan and Iraq in the 1990s.”

Horowitz translates:

“In other words, America is worse than Nazi Germany.”

Huber’s American Conservative article shares this tactic of casting the United States as the moral equivalent of the terrorists:

“Hussein did horrible things to his own people, and Omar’s Taliban are a grim lot, but let’s face it: they’ve done less harm to their countries than we have in the process of removing them, so who is the actual bad guy? An even greater delusion is that we actually do counterinsurgency. We don’t counter insurgents; we are the insurgents. We’re the ones who remove existing governments. We’re the ones who prop up puppets. The people we call insurgents are trying to take their countries back from us.”

Horowitz pointed out that the Left does not see Islamic Terror as a “realistic military threat.” For Huber on the Right, we are the real threat:

“But we have yet to find a cure for our perverse tendency to molest the world or to understand that the mother of our intervention is not necessity.”

Presenting the Paleoconservative Movement as worthy of serious monitoring has raised some eyebrows and sighs of exasperation among those who believe that we have our hands full with corrosive influence on the Left. Reading “Bring Back the Bad Guys” through the analytical lens of Unholy Alliance proves that the core of the ideological sympathy between radical Muslims and the American Left is also driving the Paleoconservative Right.

Those looking to the 2012 Elections as the last-chance to save America from eight full years of Chairman Obama cannot overestimate the potential danger of a young Paleoconservative candidate that would split the anti-Obama vote. What most Paleoconservatives refuse to accept is that, unless Radical Islam is checked by a militarily committed United States, the shadow of Sharia will cover the globe. Whether we turn our back on this global duty to defend freedom because of Leftist pacifism or Far-Right Isolationism, the result will be the same.

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