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Shame On You, Fox Nation

Posted on December 29 2009 8:29 am
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News Hounds, a self anointed media ‘watchdog’ web site, whose sole purpose is to catch Fox News in a blooper, is due an apology. Those erstwhile media critics brought up a valid point in their recent story which criticized Fox Nation for reporting a news item from David Horowitz’s NewsReal Blog: Sen. Baucus In Drunken Tirade On Senate Floor.

News Hounds asks, and answers, the question,

“And where’s the fairness offering not only other explanations for Baucus’s speech patterns but also explaining why he was so upset with Republicans? Nowhere to be found.”

To be perfectly fair, Fox Nation should immediately rectify the situation by opining on possible alternate explanations for Baucus’s bizarre drunken tirade. Of course, opining isn’t really news, but in an effort to be fair and balanced, Fox Nation should have allowed for the possibility that Senator Baucus’s drunken tirade could, indeed, have been caused by either drugs and/or early onset Alzheimers. Just because Baucus had all the symptoms of extreme inebriation didn’t mean he was drunk, contextually speaking.

Fox Nation obviously wasn’t up to date on the left’s ever evolving definition of what constitutes news. To be fair, they’ve had their hands full lately reporting all the news the leftist media ignores. But still, fairness and social justice require that they apologize for linking to an article and video clip that forced the readers to rely on the evidence of their own eyes.

Seven public mea culpas followed by mandatory attendance at the edgy new media course, Journalism 703: Reporting Opinion As News, followed by a month’s rehab interning at the New York Times should be required from all Fox Nation executives. And in the new spirit of appeasement Obama has made so popular, Fox Nation might also consider the purchase of a few hundred thousand carbon credits so all of their critics will be assured that they are really, really sorry.

News Hounds also complains that:

“It turns out that Fox Nation lifted that paragraph, word for word, from a David Horowitz site.”

Fox Nation wins this round, as they correctly quoted and linked the phase in question directly to the original source – as has been the practice for decades.

So as not to appear, gasp, judgmental, we won’t point out that News Hounds did the exact same thing. They lifted the video from Horowitz’s site and pasted it in their own article – verbatim. And without attribution. We’ll leave it to others to decide if News Hounds plagiarized it.

In order to avoid future controversies, we suggest Fox Nation request a copy of the latest set of journalistic rules. If they are expected to play by these new ‘living’ rules, its only fair they get a copy of them. In addition, Fox Nation should henceforth make every effort to divine what is in another’s heart, so they can report it as fact. That way, everyone will be on the same page. We now declare this issue settled.

Author’s note: Its is not NewsReal’s policy to validate partisan media hacks by responding to their contrived controversies. But, hey, its been a slow news week. And we figured we owed News Hounds a big shout out for supplying us with such a good giggle.

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