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Will the Lamestream Media Once Again Ignore the Jihad Against Israel and the Jews?

Posted on December 28 2009 10:00 am
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A year ago, when Israel invaded Gaza to subdue Hamas after having endured years of rocket fire, massive, frightening protests broke out worldwide. I consider the protests which took place during Operation Cast Lead to be among the most horrifying events of my lifetime, second only to 9/11, yet the politically correct lamestream media all but ignored the story.

Those protests were terrifying for several reasons, not the least of which was the blatant genocidal hatred and groupthink being so brazenly displayed. They were alarming because of the rabid anti-Americanism right here in the West. Those of us who were paying attention were caught completely off-guard because never before had it been so apparent the extent to which Europe had been Islamized, just how radical Europe’s Muslims were, or how little control the authorities have of the situation.

The backlash against the much-belated decision on the part of Israel‘s leadership to defend its citizens from violent jihad was also truly terrifying because the media seemed to be complicit.  Accepting the pervasiveness of genocidal hatred is one thing; the fact that the media either do not care, or that they regard world Jewry as expendable in the name of political correctness, or that they actually support the jihad against Israel and the Jews is much harder to swallow.

Aside from Hannity and O’Reilly‘s brief coverage of a protest in Fort Lauderdale during which a Muslim woman screamed for Jews to “Get back to the ovens!,” the story remained largely uncovered. But much worse than the media’s silence was its complicity in the jihad. Three UK television stations aired fundraising programs for Hamas.

CNN even aired fake Pallywood footage portraying Israeli soldiers as bloodthirsty murderers of children. Never mind all of those real children in Sderot on whose behalf that war was waged, who apparently, from CNN’s perspective, do not deserve to live free of terrorism. Israelis are evidently not entitled to self-defense the way everyone else is.

The AP was also happy to submit comply.

The protests of Cast Lead were, in essence, a global Kristallnacht. Reading the news (on blogs, of course) and watching the YouTube videos during those days last winter was like learning that a loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, that you will have to watch him deteriorate before you, and that his best days are behind him — except that loved one is your civilization. His best parts, the ones which ultimately make him who he is, reside in the gray matter which will become the disease’s first victim — except that those better parts are Israel and the Jews.

A year has passed since those dark days, but the anti-Semitic protests are once again popping up worldwide. Will the media continue to ignore the politically inconvenient story, or worse, aid the jihad against Israel and the Jews?

This rally took place in Times Square yesterday:

Yes, indeed, that is Viva Palestina and their representative: dhimmi Jew-hater extraordinaire, George Galloway. Hamas has all kinds of friends, it appears.

Protests also took place in London and Toronto yesterday. I did not see any coverage in the news.

Lest you should think that these anti-Israel rallies were isolated events, please take note of these other planned anti-Israel protests:

And 90 others.

As the new year approaches, along with the opportunity for all of us to make a fresh start, I hope that this next year will be better for Israel and the Jews than the last one was. I also hope for the Duranty media to stop ignoring or abetting the jihad and begin to hold themselves to some basic standard of decency and objectivity.

I will close this post with a video which documents only a handful of anti-Semitic “incidents” which have taken place over the course of the last year, incidents about which most of us never learned, I can only assume, because the lamestream media did not want us to.


Update: Also read Jamie Glazov’s interview with Tom Trento in Frontpage about the Florida Security Council‘s ON GUARD rally on the 30th.

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