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Does America Have AIDS?

Posted on December 28 2009 3:28 pm
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AIDS: A severe immunological disorder caused by a virus resulting in a defect in immune response that is manifested by susceptibility to opportunistic infections.

Fox and Friends kicked off this morning’s summary of world news headlines with the following four stories:

  1. Twenty people were killed and sixty injured in a bombing in Karachi, Pakistan, during a procession in honor of the Shiite holy day.
  2. Fifteen Iranian protestors have been shot and many more wounded by the radical Islamic regime of the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
  3. The United Kingdom is tracking twenty-five of its citizens now attending Islamic training camps in Yemen. Following their re-entry in England, the terrorists will be under constant surveillance by the British Government.
  4. The United States has increased security at airports following the Christmas bombing of a Northwestern flight by an Islamic terrorist from Nigeria.

All the most significant events around the world involve radical Islam. What is America’s response to this virus aimed at universal, point-of-the-sword imposition of Sharia Law?

  1. The White House Press secretary assured reporters that the President is being kept up to date and that he will make some comments later today, waiting only 72 hours to address an act of war on our own soil.
  2. The head of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, issued a statement that, as soon as the attempted Christmas bombing incident was over, “the system worked.” She returned to the networks to affirm the contrary saying that, of course the system actually failed.
  3. The Christmas bomber was read his rights and is recovering nicely from his wounds while preparing to meet with his court-appointed attorney.
  4. The President is enjoying Hawaii and, by all accounts, is working on that back swing.

Dana Perino, former White House Press Secretary for President George Bush will win the “Understatement of the Year Award” for saying:

“You don’t have a sense of urgency about all of this with the Administration. Janet Napolitano needs to bump that up a tad.”

Where is our immune response? Is there any sign of vigorous self-defense against an invader that not only fills the entire world with social chaos and death, but is delivering the “death of a thousand cuts” here at home.

Where is the Present, I mean President? Where is the world-wide lock-down on all flights entering our airspace pending complete examination of our security systems? Where is the proper interrogation of this enemy-combatant who tried to kill three-hundred innocent people on Christmas Day?

The Administration has vowed to review some records and publish a handy new list for the terrorists so they can be clear about where and when to hide their bombs and detonate them.

The cause of America’s apparent lethargy is the Administration’s refusal to acknowledge that this war on Radical Islam is a fight to the death, one that will result either in our subjection to Sharia Law, or the destruction of the radical movement. There is no third option.

The last time I felt helpless like this, I was thirteen and Jimmy Carter, with an uncharacteristic show of ferocity, had forcefully ordered that a U.S. Flag be added every day to a display so that we could keep track of the days our hostages were being kept in Iran. The Iranian Hostage Crisis ended when Ronald Reagan took office. He possessed the only anti-viral treatment that can cure America and the world of the virus of politicized Islam: unapologetic belief in America and determination to defend her by force.

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