Mary Grabar

The Countculturalists and Gitmo North

Posted on December 26 2009 8:30 am
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Who is responsible for Guantanamo detainees ending up here?

Editor’s note: Click here for a collection of the previous exchanges between Pajamas Media’s Mary Grabar and NewsReal’s David Swindle in this dialogue regarding marijuana legalization, conservatism, and the counterculture.

David, thank you for letting me reply once more.

You’re right:

“It’s not pot-smoking counterculturalists that are sending Guantanamo detainees to Illinois.”

But the counterculturalists voted and campaigned for Obama and company, who are sending Guantanamo detainees to Illinois.  And though it is true that Harry Reid and Howard Dean adopt the veneer of respectability in terms of their lifestyles and appearances, they are the ones carrying out the counterculture’s aims.  (And how much more counterculture can you be than being a “community organizer”—the first profession of Bill Ayers?)  And it is the counterculture that is instituted in education at all levels that very deeply indoctrinates future voters (and at levels most have no inkling of).  I’ve seen that and written about it.

You are right:

McCain was an uninspiring candidate with a poorly run campaign.

But if our culture had not produced a generation whose majority believes that socialism is okay, we would not have elected a president who openly talked about “spreading the wealth” and being a “global citizen.”  Would someone like Obama have been a serious candidate before the counterculture movement?  Successful campaign managers know what will appeal to voters; in other words, they get their cues from voters and shape messages accordingly.  Voters are not blank slates, but carry with them certain values—values that are shaped by the culture.

The Constitution may be neutral, but the founders and Alexis de Tocqueville repeatedly invoked the importance of religion and morality in maintaining the republic.  Libertarians’ eagerness to defend “freedoms” regarding vices like drug use and prostitution, and attendant disregard for the moral fabric of our culture (enforced by reasonable laws) is dismaying.

David Swindle responds here.

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