Nancy Morgan

I’ve Had Enough!

Posted on December 25 2009 7:03 am
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Nancy Morgan’s latest op-ed from RightBias

I have been a law-abiding citizen all my life. I’ve always played by the rules. That is about to change. The early morning passage yesterday of the Senate health care bill requires every American to purchase health insurance. I refuse. I will not abide by this bill if it is passed into law. And if the government levies a fine, I will not pay it. I’ve had enough.

There comes a time when a line in the sand must be drawn. I’ve just drawn mine. I’ve listened to the outright lies our politicians have spouted in order to pass this legislation, which, by the way, has nothing to do with health care and everything to do with government control.

Democrats declared this bill was deficit neutral. Not so, says the Congressional Budget Office. Alas, this wasn’t reported until minutes after the bill passed the Senate.

Dems say this bill will allow an additional 30 million people to be covered while not affecting prices. Helloo….this goes contrary to the very basic law of supply and demand.

I’ve had enough of the back door deals, the outright bribes, the lies, the rush, and the absolute arrogance of our elected officials who patronizingly tell me with a straight face that black is white and if I questions their wisdom, why I must be a loony tea-bagger who doesn’t believe in the rule of gravity. Enough!!

I know the rule of law is essential to the health of a society and this sometimes requires a small loss of individual freedom for the greater good. We have a system of government now, however, that is imposing two different sets of rules. One set… read more

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