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Media Matters left speechless by Mark Steyn

Posted on December 23 2009 7:03 pm
Kathy Shaidle blogs at FiveFeetOfFury, now entering its 11th year online. Her latest book is Acoustic Ladylandkathy shaidle, which Mark Steyn calls "a must-read."
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Prime Minister Stephen Harper, "C-list talk radio fill-in" Mark Steyn and journalist Deborah Gyapong, at the PM's Garden Party, 2008

I teased Mark Steyn via email yesterday morning, because his guest stint on Hannity wasn’t generating any faux outrage or not-very-withering sarcasm over at the George Soros Steno Pool, a.k.a. Media Matters.

Steyn’s had a busy week, guest-hosting for Hannity on television and then today, sitting in for Rush Limbaugh. For whatever reason, that particular gig did get Media Matters’ attention. Usually, the “Zacharies” “analyze” Steyn’s shows after the fact.

(Yes, it takes three Media Matters staffers to listen to, and then transcribe, and then limply snark about, Steyn’s radio shows. Sometimes they add “scare quotes” around particularly “outrageous” bits. Sometimes they even bold them! That’s what $10 million buys you these days.)

Today, for whatever reason, Media Matters “live blogged” Steyn’s stint behind “the golden EIB microphone.” Every few minutes, they’d post another brief, breathless (and pointless) post on their homepage, complete with audio.

For instance, Media Matters was terribly annoyed by Steyn’s assertion that San Francisco and Massachusetts are “not typical parts of the United States” — an observation that wouldn’t have seemed out of place in a Johnny Carson monologue circa 1974. Ditto Steyn’s quip that we should “saw off” California and “float it out to sea.”

Later, Greg Lewis filed a tedious traditional recap, larded with the usual humorless “commentary”. However, this time he was helped by only one of the Zarachies, and assisted by that rarest of things: a female Media Matters employee. (We’re told that other Zachary  has “moved on to greener pastures.” And, let’s hope for his sake, a workplace where cliched expressions like “greener pastures” are forbidden.)

He then links to a post of Steyn’s at The Corner, one charging Media Matters with using faked “racist” quotes to smear Limbaugh earlier this year. Alas, Greg and his employers didn’t take this opportunity to finally apologize for libeling Rush for weeks on end.

I’m not sure why Greg thought it best to draw anyone’s attention to a post by a far superior writer, which more or less charges Greg’s employers with slander.

Sound, mature editorial judgement evidently isn’t a job requirement at the Media Matters frat house. Neither is finishing your work. Greg informs us after “hour two” that he’s tired of listening to Steyn and is calling it a day. That leftist work ethic is certainly impressive, isn’t it? You’d think for $10-million you could get employees who stick around through their entire shift.

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