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Voice of America: Helping to Subvert Freedom and Democracy

Posted on December 21 2009 7:00 am
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VOA reports on a hotbed of militant Islamist extremism where Muslims are instructed to evade law enforcement … in order to congratulate them on their work with law enforcement fighting extremism.

Robert Spencer posted at Jihad Watch yesterday about how VOA got snowed by Hamas-linked CAIR into doing public relations on their behalf.  What does this have to do with cable news? Little, aside from the fact that Voice of America is a state-run media outlet like MSNBC, which also sees fit to whitewash violent Islamic extremism by consulting with and giving platforms to some of the most militant Islamic groups in the United States. The tendency on the part of state-run media to do this is part of a larger phenomenon of corruption and infiltration of our government by these same groups.

If most Muslims are not violent extremists, as the media purport, why do the media always seem to discuss this fact with violent extremists in sheep’s clothing? Do they not have fact-checkers? Do they secretly support the extremists’ agenda? Do they just not care about providing remotely accurate coverage? This is particularly irresponsible on the part of VOA, which is historically the media outlet that serves to promote freedom and democracy in the war of ideas.

Jihad Watch’s post focuses on the CAIR angle, but there is another angle to this story, because VOA‘s article focused on the ADAMS Center, a haven for violent extremism posing as a moderate institution which represents American Muslims. Read VOA’s glowing write-up of both CAIR’s and the ADAMS Center’s peaceful work:

It’s a battle of bodies and for minds on this basketball court just outside Washington. It’s Tuesday night at the Adams Center, one of the largest mosques in the U.S. The young people here are hard at play, and the Muslim elders are hard at work trying to keep them engaged in positive activities.


“On the Internet, the other side is trying to exploit people’s feelings, and they give them instructions on how to do wrong things and we have to give (them) tools and manuals also on how to stay cool and level-headed and stay reasoned and don’t get yourself and others in trouble,” Awad said.

“We are telling parents, ‘Hey this is what was available on the Internet, this is what your kids are able to do and some basic tips on if you want to increase security this is how you can do it,” Ahmad stated.

At the Adams Center that discussion has started too.

Yes, they’ve got the children in their grip.

Aside from being chock-full of patently unsavory characters and having numerous affiliations with other shady folks, the ADAMS Center has actually distributed materials which instruct Muslims on how and why to evade law enforcement. In 2003, CAIR distributed a “Muslim community safety kit” advising Muslims to “Know your rights if contacted by the FBI” and specifically stating that, “You have no obligation to talk to the FBI, even if you are not a citizen. … You do not have to permit them to enter your home. … ALWAYS have an attorney present when answering questions.”

On CDs circulating in mosques in the D.C. area, including the Adams Center, CAIR advises Muslims against ever working with law enforcement:

There is no reason to that anyone should ever, ever talk to law enforcement as Muslims in the United States. The FBI is just a tool of whoever is wielding it. And right now it is very bad, it is very bad, it is very bad.

It is easy for CAIR to lay the blame for the radicalization of youth on the Internet, where they can choose to radicalize themselves, but they are captive audiences at mosques like the ADAMS Center, which has been repeatedly cited for distributing Wahhabi extremist publications. Freedom House investigators singled it out as a leading pusher of anti-Semitic and anti-Christian dogma and it has been noted for its anti-American propaganda, including a pamphlet called “Religious Edicts for the Immigrant Muslim” which states that “it is forbidden for a Muslim to become a citizen of a country (such as the United States) governed by infidels.”

According to Dave Gaubatz, co-author of Muslim Mafia:

The ADAMS Center and Dar Al Hijrah (both Northern VA) are prime examples of violent material being provided to the worshippers (to include children). They literally have hundreds of manuals/books/DVDs, audio lectures informing the young Muslims to ignore the U.S. Constitution and our laws, and only obey Sharia law. These Islamic scholars encourage the youth to change America, even using violent force when required.

VOA’s article begins with a most ironic choice of words to describe the ADAMS Center:

“At one of the largest mosques in the United States, Muslim leaders are trying to create a safe haven for young people to learn Islam’s lessons about peace.” [Emphasis added.]

The ADAMS Center is cited as a “key hub” in the network of Muslim Brotherhood “safehouses” (Dar al-Arqam). It provides so much safety to militant Muslims, in fact, that it counts the Muslim Mafia’s “first godfather,” Ahmed Elkadi, as a congregant.

VOA’s portrayal of CAIR and the ADAMS Center as moderate, pro-American institutions is a classic example of hypocritical and irresponsible journalism. Voice of America used to bring news from the free world to those behind the Iron Curtain, with the intention of empowering dissidents and winning hearts and minds so that some day they might be free. Well, those folks are free now, and VOA is giving cover and free advertising to those who wish to subjugate us under Sharia law, and they are doing so with our tax dollars.

We are now in a new war of ideas and those hearts and minds which must be won belong to Muslims. VOA should be exposing the extremists in their midst so that they are better equipped to avoid becoming radicalized, not doing the Muslim Brotherhood‘s bidding.

VOA does nobody any favors by presenting CAIR and the ADAMS Center as positive forces in American society. The jihadi threat is here and it is real. To portray the situation otherwise is an act of outright betrayal. Most of all, it hurts Muslims, most of whom are not subversives like CAIR. CAIR does not represent most Muslims, as their exaggerated and declining membership serves to demonstrate. I can only imagine that most American Muslims would wish to distance themselves from the likes of CAIR, but they cannot count on VOA to bring them closer to freedom and away from the micro-managed bondage and supremacist dictates of Sharia.

Possibly more ironic than calling the ADAMS Center “a safe haven for young people to learn Islam’s lessons about peace” is the fact that VOA does a better job reporting the truth about nefarious U.S. organizations with radical agendas to its Persian audience than it does its American counterpart. Young Muslims who wish to be free and steer clear of radicalization would actually be better served by VOA in the Islamic Republic of Iran than in the United States.

This is truly a sad state of affairs.

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