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NewsReal Sunday: Mother Mary encounters Obamacare

Posted on December 20 2009 7:30 am
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Would our Nativies look different under Obamacare?

Would our Nativities look different under Obamacare?

A few years ago many Christians loved to ask the question, “What would Jesus do?”  Chuck Norris has taken some criticism for asking a new question.  If Obamacare existed in Judea 2000 years ago, what would the virgin Mary have done with her pregnancy?

Is that a fair question to ask, or is that improperly using religion or worse? MsNBC’s Ed Schultz called it psycho talk and “sacrilegious” on his show this week.

Chuck Norris: What would have happened if Mother Mary had been covered by Obamacare? What if that young, poor and uninsured teenage woman had been provided the federal funds (via Obamacare) and facilities (via Planned Parenthood, etc.) to avoid the ridicule, ostracizing, persecution and possible stoning because of her out-of-wedlock pregnancy? Imagine all the great souls who could have been erased from history and the influence of mankind if their parents had been as progressive as Washington’s wise men and women! Will Obamacare morph into Herodcare for the unborn?

Schultz summarizes this quote with a bold statement that goes further than I believe Norris intended.

“Chuck wrote an oped suggesting that if the current healthcare bill had been around 2000 years ago, Jesus would never have been born…Wow!  Wow!  Wrong about healthcare and sacrilegious both at the same time.  That’s talent Chuck -good job.”

Norris does not suggest Jesus would never have been born under Obamacare.  He only asks what would have happened if Mary had the options that Obamacare will provide.  And Schultz leaves out the key part where Norris adds “if (Mary or other parents) has been as progressive as Washington’s wise men and women!”

Obviously Mary was not a “progressive” feminist woman of today.  Schultz completely and conveniently ignores that important section of the quote to make Norris’ statement sound more outrageous.

But Norris brings up a good point, that many teen mothers today, with the help of Obamacare just may abort their children. And it’s valid to ask how many great men and women we would lose if that happened.

Those questions are not sacrilegious.  It is sacrilege to use that which is holy or sacred in disrespectful ways. Considering the Catholic church itself uses Mary’s image and words to fight abortion, Norris is doing nothing injurious to the sacred.  Below is a picture of a familiar highway billboard.

Mary in Pro-life advertising

Mary in Pro-life advertising

Obamacare could indeed become Herodcare.  Herod was willing to do whatever it took to stay on the throne.  That included the death of countless children.  Obama’s health care plans are meant to give him increasing power.  After all, about 19% of our country’s economy would be put in the government’s hands.  And unless pro-life amendments are passed, then this new healthcare will indeed lead to the deaths of countless children through abortion.

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