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At Media Matters, ‘Firing Squad’ Wears the Blindfolds

Posted on December 19 2009 3:22 pm
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Blindfold not optional

Blindfold not optional

The more I think about Media Matters taking credit for the “firing” of Lou Dobbs, the stupider the situation gets.

Even if Media Matters is responsible for Dobbs’ departure (which I doubt), how pathetic and ineffectual does that make them look?

The George Soros Steno Pool are always the first to criticize Glenn Beck for supposedly trying to get people fired. Let’s imagine that’s what Beck’s been doing; that his campaigns against Van Jones and others led directly to the departure of these White House insiders.

This places Media Matters in a bind. That is, if they allow that Beck really has such power, they undermine their own.

You see, by their own admission, Media Matters has been trying to get Dobbs dumped for years. It took Beck only a couple of months to get Van Jones ousted. In terms of sheer efficiency, Beck wins.

Beck also scores higher in terms of relevance; while Media Matters was pestering a cable talker with a small but loyal fan base, Beck was hounding individuals with the power to influence legislation and public policy.

Again: win, Beck.

Like most leftists, the guys at Media Matters seemed confused by the whole “cause and effect” thing. Using their logic, global warming apologist Andy Revkin took a buyout from the New York Times this week because Rush Limbaugh “pressured” the paper into dumping him.

After all:

In October, following reports of comments he made about population control on a climate change panel, Revkin drew the ire of conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh’s harsh comments on the air that Revkin should kill himself if he cared so much about cutting back carbon emissions became a widely covered story (“If he really thinks that human beings, in their natural existence, are going to cause the extinction of life on Earth,” Limbaugh asked, “Mr. Revkin, why don’t you just go kill yourself, and help the planet by dying?”)

And now, two months later, Revkin’s leaving the Times. Coincidence?!?

Yeah, probably. I listen to Rush every day but if he even noticed Revkin’s early retirement, I must’ve missed it.

But Media Matters has to justify its multi-million dollar budget and 70 staffers somehow. Taking credit for imaginary triumphs seems to be the best they can do.

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