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Leg Thrills and Spine Chills With Chris Matthews, Part 4: Real “Change” May Sound More Like a Toilet Flush

Posted on December 18 2009 3:00 pm
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Chris Matthews, the host of MSNBC’s Hardball, who publicly stated he believed it was his job (as a journalist) to see the Obama presidency succeed, is a little worried that real “change” might be coming to Washington.

Matthews’ guests, Chris Cillizza of The Washington Post and Susan Page of USA Today, warned Matthews that a repeat of 1994, where Republicans took 75 percent of the open seats is a real possibility.

While Matthews seems to understand the reason such an upset is possible because there is an anti-government sentiment toward Obama, he just can’t seem to grasp the concept that Americans simply reject this administration’s socialistic policies.

Referring to four congressmen who have already stated they will not be running next year, Matthews injects his thoughts:

“I’m not going to be caught up in some wave of attitude toward the President, having served some ten or twenty years in Congress, I’m not going to end up a loser. I’m going to go out on my own accord.”

Page explains:

“… Mark Gorden has been representing this Republican, this conservative district, for thirteen terms, so he had certainly won some elections, I think, on his own merits. But one of the worrisome things for Democrats is that, he’d seem to be in some difficulty, or had a very competitive race because he stood with Obama. He voted for the energy bill, he voted for the health care bill, in the House committee. I think that…created some problems with the voters we was going to have to go and court.”

“You talked about 1994, you know, 1994, 31 Democratic House members decided not to run for re-election. Either because they retired or because they decided to run for different office, and the Republicans picked up 22 of those seats. That’s very worrisome numbers for Democrats.”

Cillizza then pointed out that when you have a lot of open seats, it doesn’t fall down the middle, instead one party tends to win the majority based on the national political environment, which is what he believes is worrying democratic strategists.


“…[W]hen Jimmy Carter got defeated for re-election, and a huge number of big time democrats went with him because people wanted to flush the toilet. They wanted a big change; they went whoosh- everybody out-a-here…”

Exactly. I will refrain from the temptation of elaborating on Matthew’s metaphor, except to say, I think even he can read the writing on the bathroom wall.


“Leg Thrills and Spine Chills”

by Rhonda Robinson

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