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Genius Envy: Would-Be Lieberman Assailant Asks, “Where’s the Hate Speech on Joe Lieberman?”

Posted on December 18 2009 6:30 am
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Threatening to beat up a U.S. Senator is not "hate speech" according to this man.

Suggesting someone beat up a U.S. senator is not "hate speech" according to this man.

Three full days after he wondered why no one had punched Joe Lieberman (“Traitor Joe,” as he calls him), Ed Schultz of MSNBC’s The Ed Show insisted no one on the Left had ever defamed the distinguished senator from Connecticut. Last night, Schultz asked former Republican Congressman Ernest Istook about Democratic infighting over the health care bill. Istook, now a Distinguished Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, replied things had gotten so bad that “if conservatives said the things about liberals that liberals are saying about each other now, we would be accused of using hate speech.” This sent the easily agitated Schultz into a lather:

Now, Ernest, you’re saying the Left is doing some hate speech. Now, where’s the hate speech on Joe Lieberman? Come on!

Big Ed could begin with his video library from this week…

On Tuesday, December 15, Ed fumed:

What is the feeling towards Joe Lieberman? I mean how do you, you know, go into a room without punching the guy out after what he’s done to the progressive movement in this country?

Leftists believe any deviation from the “progressive” party line requires physical punishment. This isn’t hatred; they’re doing it for your own good.

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