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Genius Envy: Ed Schultz Discovers Obama’s Thuggery

Posted on December 18 2009 7:11 am
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Thuggery for me, not against me.

Thuggery for me, not against me.

Ed Schultz has joined Howard Dean and others who believe the Democrats should kill this health care bill unless it contains a “public option.” He had a brief, relatively tepid exchange yesterday morning with David Axelrod on Morning Joe and decided he was being persecuted. Ed opened his show last night saying:

The White House — ooh, are they a little touchy as of late? Desperate to sell what they are calling health care reform — I don’t buy it. They are trying to vilify now anyone who opposes it. That’s what’s happening to Howard Dean.

Ed tried to push himself into the fray, noting that Axelrod had been on Hardball just before The Ed Show and had said:

Ed Schultz is a very passionate person, and I think he genuinely wants what’s best for people.

Behold the Passion of Ed Schultz.

Ed’s words are (mildly) significant (for once) because they mark the first time anyone on the Left acknowledged what the rest of us have long known: this president is a thug. However, Ed overlooks the fact that violence and intimidation are the modus operandi of the Left. And he ignores the vilification and character assassination he perpetrated against those who opposed socialized medicine from the bill’s introduction until this week, which includes quite a litany:

…In September alone.

Just last month, Ed Show guest host David Shuster said an anti-socialism rally in Washington, D.C., “had all the trappings of a proverbial orgy of bigotry, racism, anti-Semitism, and hate!”

So, who’s being “touchy,” Ed?

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